New Book Applies Ancient Biblical Settings and Characters To Today's Desperate Times Giving Examples

Bishop McElroy (San Diego): Attacks on Father James Martin expose a cancer within the U.S. Catholic Church “The concerted attack on Father Martin’s work has been driven by three impulses: homophobia, a distortion of fundamental Catholic moral theology and a veiled attack on Pope Francis and his campaign against judgmentalism in the church”

Shocking glimpse of the future under the current pontificate. These lies by a Catholic bishop are exponentially worse than the lies Satan told Eve.  What your bishop will sound like when the cartography of vile, perverted and distorted reasoning drive his ministry.

It is not a battle about chastity as this bishop claims. Practice of homosexuality is still a mortal sin. Societies that embraced it permanently disappeared into the sands of time.

Martin- Those angry voices who pressured CUA to cancel me traffic in homophobia, fear. It's disturbing and not of God!

Looking at Fr. Martin's writing using the lens of past Catholic teaching. Who is in error?

Satan’s ‘last barrier’ to destroying mankind is male/female duality: Deceased dubia cardinal 

Pension Storm Coming- “This Will Become One Of The Most Heated Battles Of My Lifetime”

“Biblical” Film “Mother!” Depicts Mob Eating A Baby

Box Office Poison- Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Mother!’ Crashes to Career Low $8M

United Nations has ‘exhausted’ options on North Korea, says top US diplomat

Soviet officer who averted cold war nuclear disaster dies aged 77

ISIS Calls for Attacks on Hurricane Relief Shelters

Extra-terrestials are REAL but demonic entities and the experiences can be stopped by calling on Jesus Christ. Experts weigh-in 

This is not "possession" but another form of spiritual warfare known as demonic oppression often taking the form of harassment. It is performed by less powerful demons; the more powerful demons are into possession. Like all spiritual warfare, abduction experiences are brought on by tinkering with the occult.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki

Top 10 End-of-Days Stories of 5777 Show Final Redemption Is on His Way

Student asks Ben Shapiro why a fetus is human life — his answer leaves student speechless

Past Headlines

Two Caribbean Islands 30 miles apart, one 90% destroyed, the other spared

What was the difference?
Satanists' after-school club flops, closed down

Why is this man, (Fr. James Martin), given free rein in the Church?
The answer is in the Third Secret of Fatima.  

Are you ready to answer Our Lady of Fatima?
In 1915, Pope Benedict ordered all the churches to pray for the Sacred Heart for peace. Germany, France and Spain refused to pray for peace On May 5 Benedict ordered all Catholics to say the rosary to end the war.  The first Fatima apparition occurred 8 days later

Fatima, and the Great Shaking

Toiling with the genes
Meet Cynthia, a bio-engineered microbe created in the lab to eat oil slicks and released to the environment in 2011. It has now mutated and now eats animal life forms producing necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease). It is resistant to all known drugs.
(It was quite successful in consuming oil slicks)

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Magnitude-7.1 quake kills at least 2; reports of people trapped in collapsed buildings

Hurricane Maria on track to hit Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico after devastating Dominica

Top 5 biblical prophecies fulfilled this past year (5777)

September 19 Our Lady of La Salette’s Urgent Appeal to Humanity

10 Short and powerful prayers to pray during the day

So often, my prayers take a line: “Lord, I’ll never be a saint but I might be a martyr if they can kill me quickly!”

Why September 23 is NOT the day Christ returns

Not a Joke! AB 326–Barbers Will Have A Role In Preventing Domestic Abuse

Signs Upon Signs In The Heavens  thx JC

'Let the Washington Post Scoff: Hurricanes are God's Judgment' -- Randall Terry, Author, 'The Judgment of God'

Anne Graham Lotz on The Four Things God is Telling America Through Hurricanes, Earthquakes

More on how the water was sucked out of Tampa Bay by Irma when they were expecting monstrous storm surge

Federal court- farmer's market cannot ban vendor who won't host same-sex weddings

Severely handicapped woman play incredible love song on violin

Russia Rejects Israel’s Request for Buffer Zone- Allows Iranian Forces Into Syria

Honey bees dying off everywhere else, but not in the Land of Milk and Honey

Shaman claimed he had supernatural powers over crocs in Indonesia. While practicing his magic he is dragged underneath and does not come back (Link--video)