A Hero of Flight 93

Remembering 9/11: Five Important Lessons

Gunman kills 7 in Texas home during a Dallas Cowboys watch party before being shot dead by police

Australian researchers say they can stop melanoma spreading

Zika virus used to treat aggressive brain cancer  Broken link fixed

The year of Mary's assumption is 63 AD..The intriguing evidence

How are the Poor in Spirit Blessed?

Sister Miriam- The Dominican nun who helped discover DNA helix structure

Things not good in the Congo

A young Muslim meets Jesus at the holiest time of year for Islam, the Festival of Sacrifice to commemorate Abraham's offering of Ishmael to God

What are deacons and what separates them from priests?

Struggling with patience- Let this famously impatient saint help you

Saints Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs

Reports: China banning children from church
Joining Christian groups and attending religious activities' now forbidden

Trump has given military orders for U.S. forces to shoot down and destroy any missile launched from North Korea and moving toward the continental United States, Hawaii, and Guam.  SK and Japan can shoot down missiles themselves

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He wanted to be a priest.  He went to adoration and Mass whenever possible, recited the Divine Office daily, wore a scapular and a crucifix and had a visible aura about him. The day he passed at age 18 God graced him with supernatural gifts

Irma shifts to Fla. West (Gulf Coast), likely to strengthen after hitting Cuba

In their brief, four-minute flight, and the horrific fireball that consumed the plane after they crashed on the 405 Freeway. The cascading miracles that saves their lives

Second dubia cardinal dies

North Korea openly threatens EMP attack for the first time, changing the game

Survivor Of USS Indianapolis Sinking Shares His Miraculous Story

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: Ominous parallels with modern America
The welfare state, open borders, no common tongue. Great wall of China built so the Huns attacked the west, not the east, others (barbarians) followed

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Hurricane Irma was so strong that it is pulling water away from coastlines, an unusual phenomenon taking place in certain areas of Florida's west coast.

Nearly half of Florida stuck in darkness as Irma thrashes state

Irma could have been worse, experts claim

Hurricane Irma's high winds cause cranes to collapse in Miami

And the Darwin award for most idiotic Floridian goes to...- Cyclists, sailors who cannot swim, kite-surfing maniac and shirtless man tying himself to pole to face down Hurricane Irma's 100mph winds

The animals went in two by two- Flamingos find refuge in LAUNDRY room while two parrots huddle to a hotel window in Florida to shelter from Irma

Stunning historic photographs showcase the devastation Miami faced after 1926 'Great Miami' hurricane

Residents rush to rescue manatees stranded by Irma

32 plus looters arrested

Rabbi Astor, “Natural disasters are like a father slapping the table warning his children that they are doing something that angers him”

God’s Covenant With Abraham Lives- Israel’s Jewish Birth Rates Rise as Global Rates Fall

Mexican quake death toll rises to 90 as Oaxaca reports more fatalities

Pope Francis departs Colombia after 5-day visit with a black eye after hitting his head on popemobile

Cold weather (in Oz) likely saved resident from deadly snake

What is canon law (and why does it matter)?

Understanding the Roman Curia An overview of the offices and leaders of the central government of the Catholic Church