Woman's Suicide Thwarted by a Loving God

To start the healing process, the US bishops should consider doing public penance

Wuerl downplays abuse crisis; wants bishops to investigate themselves

Atlanta Archbishop Gregory: Weary of ‘cloud of shame’ shrouding church leaders

Male student molested by female teacher awarded $2.1M in San Diego court case  The school dropped the ball on follow-up after warnings

Did these visions of Mystic Katherine Emmerich refer to the present Church crisis?

Children Found Alive In 'Nailed Boxes' in Suspected Child Trafficking Operation

Israel And Hamas Are On The Verge Of WAR As More Than 200 Rockets Rain Down On The Holy Land

‘I thought she was 15’: Accused Italian priest says ‘the devil’ made him molest a child

Africa overtakes Latin America for the highest Christian population

Man survives days pinned beneath overturned truck

Italian nuns rescue migrant women from the streets, help them become seamstresses

Recent Message to Ned Dougherty from Fr. St. Michael.  Discernment: None of us know the timeline or the exact sequence of  events to come, or how they will unfold. That God would inspire leaders of his choosing of nations He pre-selected to overcome immense evils  on earth in His appointed time is reasonable and gives hope

Nurses Fear Mom Is Dying Of Blood Loss But They’re Astonished When They Put Newborn On Her Chest

I thought I was dying’: 3 women share their abortion pill horror stories

Canadian man says he asked for home care, was only offered assisted suicide

Marie Curie named the most significant woman in history by new poll  Our Blessed Mother is 12th in this poll. Madame Curie was an agnostic. Did she gain the whole world but lost her soul after a lot of hard work?

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Skydiver Has Visions of Afterlife Following Fiery Plane Crash

More is required than proving the pope's heretical positions with sound theology. Laity has done all it can.  Bishops and cardinals now must act

Did Jesus Support Capital Punishment?
Short, superb, read. You will understand why pope's new instruction is based on trashy theology of his own design

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Cursed? thx TO

Horrific Car Accident Leads to Angelic Encounter

After two attempts to attain the holy priesthood in different seminaries, what this candidate saw and felt and how it drove him off

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It must not be forgotten that the death penalty serves as expiation. Conversions before death are not uncommon. That is why prisons are also called penitentiaries in the West

Billy Ray Irick execution: Inmate says "I'm really sorry" before death

California's Holy Fire intensifies, forces thousands to flee homes

Lessons for the Christian Prepper

Storm warning canceled as Hurricane Hector moves south of Hawaii

Officials Confirm Deadly Anthrax Outbreak That ‘Kills Within Hours’ (Romania)

Miraculous Cure for Incurable, Deadly Disease

Report: Cardinal close to Pope is protecting cadre of gay seminarians in Honduras

Probation but no prison time for Catholic priest who embezzled $200K

Sending your kids to college increases the chances you’ll lose your house

In 2004 Cardinal Angelo Sodano asked Ireland for indemnity should legal action be taken for child rapes

Circular argument makes the case against itself: Because of Church's censorious attitude against homosexuals in the priesthood, gay priests cannot "come out of the closet" to complete developing a mature healthy sexuality....and healthy gays are not responsible for raping children link. So are immature gays responsible??.

The pro-LGBT priest Fr James Martin will remain on the World Meeting of Families congress line-up despite calls for him to be removed. Link  This website thanks lay Catholics for trying to have Fr. Marin removed

Cardinal Blase Cupich is denying that homosexuality is the core of the clerical sex abuse crisis riddling the Church.

We must ‘eradicate’ Church’s gay networks to fight sex abuse- moral theologian

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Catholic Response to ‘Gay Pride’ Events

A North Korean defector's harrowing story of escape  Liberty is so overwhelming after a life of suffocation and group think, that the suicide rate of defectors in S.Korea is 3 times the national average.

Exiting pastor saddles church with odd worship leader (Humor)