More is required than proving the pope's heretical positions with sound theology. Laity has done all it can.  Bishops and cardinals now must act

How a terrifying case of the paranormal in a home led to writing career

Spirit-Daily archive: An encounter with a demon and how a family overcame  (It was not easy)

Archdiocese of Washington’s 89 seminarians prepare to begin new school year

Attorney to bishop who removed Ft. Worth priest for writing a letter to him: ‘I pray you realize how egregious this looks’

How should priests report sex abuse by priests? N.J. diocese asks after McCarrick scandal....seeing how the existing mechanism didn't work

Audiences love the anger: Alex Jones, or someone like him, will be back

Massive wildfire rages after becoming largest in California’s history

University of NM Finally Stops Experiments Using Body Parts of Babies Aborted Up to Birth, After Pro-Life Pressure

A Canadian journalist who was kidnapped, tortured and raped for 15 months in war-torn Somalia has told how she was forced to the brink of committing suicide before a bird stopped her

In China, bishop asks priest to remove cross and sign from new church

Italian nuns rescue migrant women from the streets, help them become seamstresses

Reliving the miracles at Lourdes

'Angels had to be there': Kearney (Nebraska) bicycler recounts the miracles he experienced after being hit by a car' so hard it bent his miraculous medal

Six Arrests in Venezuela After Alleged Assassination Attempt on Maduro

The battle for sexual purity continues at Joseph's tomb and will continue prayers allowed at the site (Site is also where Dina, daughter of Jacob was raped and is controlled by Muslims who constantly vandalize it)  

Recent Message to Ned Dougherty from Fr. St. Michael.  Discernment: None of us know the timeline or the exact sequence of  events to come, or how they will unfold. That God would inspire leaders of his choosing of nations He pre-selected to overcome immense evils  on earth in His appointed time is reasonable and gives hope

Nurses Fear Mom Is Dying Of Blood Loss But They’re Astonished When They Put Newborn On Her Chest

‘Too Little Too Late’: Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans

Here are a few things that are effectively legal in San Francisco: drugs, public defecation and shoplifting. And here are some of the things that are banned or will be banned in the City by the Bay.  Link


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Did Jesus Support Capital Punishment?
Short, superb, read. You will understand why pope's new instruction is based on trashy theology of his own design

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Cursed? thx TO

Horrific Car Accident Leads to Angelic Encounter

After two attempts to attain the holy priesthood in different seminaries, what this candidate saw and felt and how it drove him off

A former military chaplain’s life is saved thanks to heavenly aid and the sacrificial love of a brother Knight (of Columbus) Padre Pio's Masterpiece

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We must ‘eradicate’ Church’s gay networks to fight sex abuse- moral theologian

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Catholic Response to ‘Gay Pride’ Events

New US bishop blasts ‘silence of so many bishops’ on McCarrick

Subtropical Storm Debby forms over the Atlantic

Chilean seminarians give haunting accounts of sexual abuse

‘Napalm girl’ of Vietnam era suffered greatly, found healing in Christ

Petition to stop Fr James Martin from attending Dublin papal event gains nearly 10,000 signatures

Damien H.S. (Hawaii) grad ‘ecstatic’ about call to priesthood, Air Force chaplaincy

Plan to clear Great Pacific Garbage Patch could run into trouble

Canada ambassador declared persona non grata by Saudi Arabia over human rights criticism and ordered to leave within 24 hours. All new trade and investment with Canada suspended  (No link)

France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults

Amish man starts "Uber" ride service with his horse and buggy

Trump Administration Requires Hospitals to Post Standard Prices Online  You can see why below

Overt the top cost of health care
Hi All, Hubby and I just had a rude awakening into the world of "health care". Hubby has been tentatively diagnosed with Scleroderma, an auto immune disease similar in a lot of ways to Lupus. We have been self paying our PCP since he is not in network for our health care plan. Anyway, PCP sent us to Emory to a rheumatologist. We have only had one visit so far, just a consultation. All she did was listen to his heart and lungs, took his history and sent us to have blood drawn. The total bill sent to insurance co was...........$12,000! For a half our consult! That didn't even include the blood draw! That was billed separately at around 2 grand! He has to go back on the 14th for a breathing test and pulmonology consult then a GI consult. I can only imagine what those charges will be If this insurance doesn't pay we will be living under a bridge somewhere!

One reader responds: That's highway robbery and they're doing it because they've done it before and got away with it!  I would let all of your That's highway robbery and they're doing it because they've done it before and got away with it!

An Open Letter to all the Faithful, from a Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Rome Bishop rejects eliminating the death penalty thx FR

4-H exec who pushed LGBT agenda gets booted

Parents across the United States are outraged after discovering that their kindergarten-age children are being taught how to “switch genders” by drags queens at school

New British Organ Donation System Will Harvest People’s Organs Without Their Consent