How Do I Know If I’ve Been Cursed?  thx TO

The battle for sexual purity continues at Joseph's tomb and will continue until prayers allowed at the site (Site is also where Dina, daughter of Jacob was raped and is controlled by Muslims who constantly vandalize it)

New Ebola outbreak kills 33 in Democratic Republic of Congo

California office pool wins $543M Mega Millions jackpot

Trump DHS Reopens Dozens of Iranian Christian Refugee Cases After Denying Asylum

Notorious Pedophile ‘Crucified’ By Vigilante Gang As Warning To Child Abuser

Priest lambastes Nebraska GOP governor for claiming to be a Catholic while supporting the death penalty

Prosecutor disagrees with Pope Francis' death penalty ruling

Dumb hiker missing 4 days after taking solo climb

5 killed when small plane crashes in California parking lot

Concealed Permit Holder Intervenes, Saves Mother of Four Under Assault

An armed bystander shot a man who open-fired on a back-to-school event at a Titusville, Florida

US teacher sets record solo row across Atlantic

Ex-Muslim credits Jesus for saving Aeromexico plane

Northern California wildfire kills 7th victim, burns over 150,000 acres

A flat tire started the deadly Carr Fire and days of devastation in California

Homosexuals cry out, " If Pope can reverse Church teaching on death penalty, why not homosexuality?"

Priest in Ft Worth Diocese forced to resign after writing letter about another priest, then is betrayed by the bishop


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Horrific Car Accident Leads to Angelic Encounter

After two attempts to attain the holy priesthood in different seminaries, what this candidate saw and felt and how it drove him off

A former military chaplain’s life is saved thanks to heavenly aid and the sacrificial love of a brother Knight (of Columbus) Padre Pio's Masterpiece

How former Cardinal McCarrick's legacy is being dismantled, award by award

US nuns demand Vatican action to end 'culture of silence' on abuse

Wealthy Catholic Donors Wondering What Diocesan Programs They Are Funding, Find Worthy Alternate Charities For Their Money
Bishops cannot understand or apply the catechism. Will they understand diminishing church treasuries?  View from here: If pro homosexual advocate priests are allowed to lecture/ speak in dioceses, bishops still don't get it. (This is not to say you should not  support your parish).

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'Trump Prophecy' film hits Facebook resistance

US Church should consider hiring outside investigator over McCarrick claims, bishop says  For what purpose?  More delay and lies about what happened?

The battle over the tomb of Joseph ben Jacob is a battle over sexual purity. Dina, daughter of Jacob was raped in the same spot. So that Joseph was buried here: to fix the power of sexuality for the entire world. “Until purity and prayer is returned to the site, rape will continue to be confused with love”  Link

Dozens dead in powerful Indonesia earthquake

2018 may well be remembered as the "Weeks of Rage" among U.S. Catholics

Obama praises South African laws seizing land from white farmers

South African plan to seize land from white farmers will be catastrophic and could lead to anarchy and food shortages

Top Catholic Ethicist: Do Not Assume Transgender Identities Are “Sinful” or “Disordered”

Chile archbishop is praised for not leading the yearly national religious ceremony given the 'profound crisis the church is undergoing'

Is JFK's luster fading? Key memorabilia doesn't sell

Message Led to Discovery of 11Children in Filthy New Mexico Compound

A meteor hit the earth (Greenland) and exploded with 2.1 kilotons of force last month, but the US Air Force has made no mention of the event

President Trump’s pro-American policies on immigration boosting hiring U.S. college grads

Erdogan: Turkey will freeze U.S. officials assets in pastor fight

Emaciated woman's 132-pound ovarian tumor removed in 5-hour surgery

A grand jury investigating clergy sex abuse in six Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses found that church leaders  pressured victims, cops not to reveal abuse