“I heard this voice that said, ‘Because of your mother’s prayers and because you were chosen to do a work for us, you were saved'”. Then some supernatural hands pulled him out of hell.
Now he travels the world warning about the occult

Evangelicals Warn About Mary

Triple Crown winner Justify won't race again

My worry is that so many bishops don’t believe in hell and the need for repentance...

Catholic Bishops Beg for a Clear Policy against Evil

Americans have constitutional right to openly carry firearms, court rules

NEW HORROR: Cambridge University scientists create artificial mouse embryo bypassing fertilization in huge step forward  (Embryonic stem cells which are fertilized by definition, and therefore, were not used)

Transgender Women on Hormone Therapy Have Much Higher Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke- Study

ADHD Epidemic in Children Caused by Fluoride in Water startling new study finds  (CDC has not commented yet)

Abraham Lincoln hosted seances in the White House  and other astonishing president facts

St. Marianne’s Nigerian connection

The Second Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar

Saint Thomas Aquinas warns against uncontrolled immigration

Texas dad bars hospital door, prevents doctors from removing son’s life support

a cat sleeping on a couch

Oregon woman finds female mountain lion napping in her home
 Read how she coaxed the cat out of the house

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How Pope Francis and Cardinal O’Malley have Mishandled the Sex Abuse Crisis

On the 25th anniversary of his ordination, a South Carolina priest recounts his abandonment of atheism for the Catholic faith

Former Muslim: Dreams of Jesus, Miracle Healings Leading Millions to Christ Despite Persecution
Insightful article about living with persecution 24/7, and how "peaceful" Islam really is and why.
At Mass, He saw Padre Pio crowned with thorns; until then he had considered him a fraud and charlatan

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Harry Potter normalizes the dark side for children - Ireland's only hermit priest He rises at 3.15am to start praying and fasts until lunchtime, a menu which he gets from divine providence.

Priest’s Call for Parents to Get Their Kids Off Snapchat Goes Viral

Justice Dept. reportedly tells attorneys 'illegal alien' is correct term, not 'undocumented'

Pastor Brunson Released From Turkish Prison, Placed Under House Arrest

Meet 'Deep Blue': Possibly the largest great white shark ever filmed

Arson suspected in devastating fires in Greece that killed at least 79 people

Heat wave could last MONTHS because of ‘STALLED’ jet stream, warn experts

New terrifying fires started yesterday afternoon in San Bernadino Mountains; arson suspect arrested--5% contained thousands evacuated (Cranston Fire)

Airlines crack down on emotional support animals in plane cabins

'Madam Secretary' returns, featuring 3 former secretaries of state

Rabid fox attacks woman, she strangles it with 1 hand  Post-exposure rabies vaccines is VERY good and woman likely to recover fully. Did you see the link about the outrage over the BAD rabies vaccine in China two days ago? (Below)

Outrage in China over bad rabies vaccine

Parole Board Allows Convicted Serial Baby-Killer (9 babies) to Walk Free

Boys rescued from Thai cave ordained as Buddhists