At Mass, He saw Padre Pio crowned with thorns; until then he had considered him a fraud and charlatan


Warning Issued as Extremely Contagious Stomach Virus Rips Through Parts of U.S.

Anointing of the sick--a powerful sacrament of healing

Mystery ‘Angel’ Helps Haiti Missionaries Evacuate During Country’s Violent Riots

Soros Caught Installing Remote-Access Software In U.S. Voting Machines

Vatican Bishop confesses: “Senior Catholic officials are being paid off by George Soros to promote mass Muslim migration into Europe”

Netflix Preps ‘American Jesus’ Series on Reincarnated 12-Year-Old Christ

‘Batwoman’ — featuring a lesbian superhero ‘with a passion for social justice’ — may become TV show

9th Circuit blocks Trump from implementing transgender ban in military

Whoopi Snaps After Judge Jeanine Accuses Her of Having “Trump Derangement Syndrome” Out of control, uUnmitigated hatred for Trump on display. Will ABC take action?

The super-resistant and super communicable pathogenic fungus (yeast), Candida auris

The Pruning of the Church and Our Response to It

Thailand cave rescue draws attention to small but thriving Catholic population

Chinese authorities raze Catholic church, claiming zoning violations

Oh, deer! Three fawns rescued from bottom of a well

The Practice of Contemplative Prayer The practice of such prayer conducted regularly changes life deeply

Mars is so bright it casts a reflection in the water Omen for coming war?

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Genius, 11, son of an Orthodox priest, wants to be an astrophysicist to show Hawking wrong about God.
Some of his amazing insights into space-time

Pope praises Lisbon guidelines that allow communion to divorced and remarried

Our Lady to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa at Akita: ''The Church will be full of those who accept compromises.''

After his near-death experience, Padre Pio bilocated to hear his confession. 

This Doctor Asked Terminally Ill Children ‘What Gave Life Meaning’ Their Answers Are Stirring

Consecrated U.S. Virgins to Francis: It's “shocking to hear from Mother Church that physical virginity may no longer be considered an essential prerequisite for consecration to a life of virginity.”

The Hum of Angels: They are closer than we think

Man Behind 'Trump Prophecy' Claims Trump will get 3 more picks due to a scandal involving 3 justices

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“Theybies” — children being brought up without gender designation from birth. A Facebook community for these parents currently claims about 220 members

Why are Eastern Europeans hostile to Islam? Look at history

Sacrilegious First Mass With Theatrically Naked Erotic Dancing Man in Augsburg

Death toll climbs to 17, including children, in Missouri duck boat accident

Lansing church becomes latest congregation in Michigan to offer immigrants sanctuary

2 men raising money for priests' defense fund are milking charity

The head of the Chilean Roman Catholic Church’s abuse prevention committee refuses to deliver his report to  Chile’s attorney general

US To Take ‘Imminent Action’ After Turkey Refuses To Release Jailed Pastor, Trump Lawyer Says

A South Dakota mother who beat her 2-year-old son to death because he wet the bed was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison

A Florida woman will spend 15 days in jail as punishment for taking 40 queen conchs from the waters that surround Key West Thank you, Florida. She should get 30 days.

Fla.  woman ‘ripped elderly mother’s skin off’ on discovering she’d been left out of will

Catholic Priest Punished After He Told Pro-Abortion Catholics to Go to Confession

Swedish dentist fired for revealing that 80% of ‘child migrants’ are actually adults

Vatican confirms suspension of three rebel Togo priests who can't stand their bishop and refused to renew their vows to him

A 100-foot fissure has opened up in the Grand Teton National Park – not far from the potentially catastrophic Yellowstone volcano Park closed