Pope praises Lisbon guidelines that allow communion to divorced and remarried

Our Lady to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa at Akita: ''The Church will be full of those who accept compromises.''


Trump And Putin Vow To Destroy The ‘New World Order’ Please consider the past link on this website 10 days ago (July 8) to a message given Ned Dougherty to pray that the two super powers come together to provide the leadership against a conspiratorial global world government.

Jul 2, 2018 - Our Lady of All Nations gives a message to Ned Dougherty begging for prayers that Russia and the United States work together to defeat globalism and that the "pontiff in Rome" reassess his dealings with the world's elitists and consecrate both the U.S. and Russia to the Immaculate Heart.  See July 8 in the archive.

15 Flashpoints That Could Produce A "Perfect Storm" in the Next 6 Months  Point #9 has been reversed, unintentionally by Trump this past weekend. God is in control

Trump: Putin is a ‘Bibi fan’

Putin: George Soros is Meddling in Elections, NOT Russia

Trump- ‘I Accept Our Intelligence Community’s Conclusion’ That Russia Meddled in 2016 Election

Soros-Linked Group Will Spend Millions to Stop Kavanaugh

The Bishops who remained and continues to remain silent about McCarrick

Trump praises Hungary for their refusal to take in Muslim refugees, and says Brexit was a direct result of mass immigration that is destroying Christian Europe

Israel Warns Hamas Will ‘Pay Heavy Price’ if Fire Kites and Flaming Balloons Don’t Stop

New results could change the face of Alzheimer's treatment; the herpes simplex virus is found to play a vital role in the condition, and antiherpetic medication is shown to have a dramatic effect on dementia risk.

The Practice of Contemplative Prayer The practice of such prayer conducted regularly changes life deeply

Pastor Beaten Unconscious by Uganda Muslims After Saying That Jesus Is the Son of God

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

15,000 White Farmers Flee South Africa for Russia- ‘It’s Life or Death’

Hungary proudly takes in white South African farmers, as they flee the country due to black violence against them

Orange a day keeps blurred vision (age related macular degeneration) away, study finds

Lava bomb hit boat operated by Hawaii tour company with history of lawsuits

Alleged baby-selling scandal used to malign Missionaries of Charity, says Chief Minister of Mother Teresa’s home state..claims weak and can't be substantiated

India to investigate

After his near-death experience, Padre Pio bilocated to hear his confession. 

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This Doctor Asked Terminally Ill Children ‘What Gave Life Meaning’ Their Answers Are Stirring

Consecrated U.S. Virgins to Francis: It's “shocking to hear from Mother Church that physical virginity may no longer be considered an essential prerequisite for consecration to a life of virginity.”

The Hum of Angels: They are closer than we think

\Man Behind 'Trump Prophecy' Claims Trump will get 3 more picks due to a scandal involving 3 justices

How Should Catholics Respond to the Pope’s ‘Paradigm Shift’?
Resistance to the pope's errors is an act of charity, not dissent

Seals of Isaiah and Hezekiah confirm an amazing ancient Sun miracle
reminding never fail to say daily, “Jesus, I trust in you”

More on the tractor accident which should have killed Eldon Cooper, several times over. Cooper believes It was only the grace of God that saved his life at every turn.

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Many doubts raised by “The Shroud’s fake blood stains”

CDC: America is doing a terrific job of pushing LGBT in schools, and as a result, more of our kids are engaging in this behavior and adopting the identity

A Catholic deacon who is openly homosexual has continued to write salacious reviews of obscene movies for a “gay” newspaper in San Francisco for at least a year since Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was informed of his activities   One reason the BVM continually asks for prayers to be applied toward bishops and priests. Any decision Cordileone makes will cause an uproar in perverted SF.

Exorcist blesses house formerly occupied by priest facing child porn charges

Musk apologizes to cave diver for derogatory tweet

Events of 9/11 put successful broadcast journalist (Greg Kandra)  on path to diaconate

Strongmen Hitler, Stalin, Marcos – a character study

Jesuit aims to stem decline of faith with launch of catechetical website

Tourist impaled by beach umbrella caught in 'force of the wind'

Young man walked miles for first day of work, gets car from CEO

Pulse Survivor Recounts Shooting, Leaving Homosexuality: 'I Gave God My Gayness, Addiction'

After deadly floods, now dangerous heatwave kills at least 8 in Japan

Suspected Texas serial killer captured after observing him revisit his crime scene

Gay Pride banned in Russia for the next 100 years!

Condemned killer set for execution has spent the morning meeting with Roman Catholic priests and friends

Mexican drug cartel executes one of their operatives holding his child and begging for their lives at the altar in front of parishioners  (child unharmed)

Famous rosary miracles...scroll down to see some of the lesser known ones

Our Lady of Good Help is America’s only fully-approved Marian apparition site

Population Control Has Decimated China So Badly It May Pay Couples to Have Children