This Doctor Asked Terminally Ill Children ‘What Gave Life Meaning’ Their Answers Are Stirring


Do We Measure Our Lives by God’s Standard of Success?

Demon blamed for dad's molestations of 4 daughters

Arrest made in 1988 child murder after genealogy research matches DNA

Relaying details from his son, the father says the team had to act fast when fast-moving water entered the cave

Cave diver who sharply criticized Musk's kid-sub rescue plan has  Musk suggests he's a pedophile  Till there may be a defamation lawsuit in Musk's future?

Hungary proudly takes in white South African farmers, as they flee the country due to black violence against them

Iron Dome intercepts 5 projectiles, one rocket falls in a kibbutz; no injuries reported in Israel or in Gaza; flare up comes after IDF officer wounded by grenade in border riot

Iranian general says Islamic forces are awaiting orders to ‘eradicate’ Israel  Not going to happen.

Israel continues to SHATTER tourism records, as the love for the Jewish State skyrockets

Priests and Prelates, Perverts & Predators – What Is a Faithful Catholic To Do?

Traitorous bishops

168 sign letter calling for removal of Indian Bishop Mulakkal, accused of raping nun

My conscience is clear, says Indian bishop

Rapid City priest admits stealing from the collection plate

Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro stabbed multiple passengers metro screaming, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics!’ His threats caused great panic. But not for Macron, Merkel, the Pope or the European Bishops

Riots, looting in Paris as France wins World Cup


The Hum of Angels: They are closer than we think  

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Consecrated U.S. Virgins to Francis: It's “shocking to hear from Mother Church that physical virginity may no longer be considered an essential prerequisite for consecration to a life of virginity.”

\Man Behind 'Trump Prophecy' Claims Trump will get 3 more picks due to a scandal involving 3 justices

How Should Catholics Respond to the Pope’s ‘Paradigm Shift’?
Resistance to the pope's errors is an act of charity, not dissent

Seals of Isaiah and Hezekiah confirm an amazing ancient Sun miracle
reminding never fail to say daily, “Jesus, I trust in you”

More on the tractor accident which should have killed Eldon Cooper, several times over. Cooper believes It was only the grace of God that saved his life at every turn.

Three Sisters, Three Weddings in Three Months

The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits

Padre Pio's Visits to Irene Gaeta in Bilocation

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Tests find tears of Hobbs, NM Virgin Mary statue ARE olive oil so a miracle declaration is still in the running  Local bishop will tie up loose ends before leaving for his next post in California

Bloodstains on Shroud of Turin are probably fake, forensics experts say These "scientists" looked only at the blood patterns from testing disarticulated body parts. What scholars, physicians,  and historical experts have called authentic and true, they have dismissed. Please explain away the 3-D images.

Christians Perplexed as European Catholic Bishops Meet to Plan Pro-Muslim Migrant Media Offensive

6th Priest Recently Killed by Moslem Terrorists in Central African Republic

Anarchy all over France- Riots and looting in several cities after World Cup win

AS PENANCE for the “blasphemy against God” and the spate of killings in the country, the Archdiocese of Cebu is calling on Catholics to observe three days of prayer, fasting and alms-giving starting today, July 16

800 priests, bishops start four-day retreat in Luzon, Philippines

After God answered prayer about hailstorm, 75 came to Christ

Woman survives for a week after crashing car off 200-foot cliff

The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

Tax delinquent Americans Can No Longer Leave Their Country Without Permission From IRS

Black Christian Leaders Call on Paul Ryan to Censure Maxine Waters' 'Call to Extremism'

‘We Prayed…and I Cried’: Porn Star Accepts Jesus and Immediately Quits the Industry