Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week

‘Blood’ Rain in Russia Sparks Talk of Apocalypse, Plague

61% of registered voters- Send illegals with kids home

Scientists warn bananas could become under serious threat because they are all cloned unable to resist "Panama disease"

The McCarrick scandal & the gay lobby: a problem the bishops won’t address

Pennsylvania's highest court on Friday to review objections to releasing abuse report 

Americans are bewildered and deeply troubled by today's dangerous atmosphere of political hatred. They're at a loss to explain why so many are working so hard to destroy the man duly elected to lead the country

Beware those scientific studies – most are wrong, researcher warns

Prof fired by Catholic university for defending marriage has huge court win

Pro same sex marriage advocate and Jesuit banned from speaking at Catholic conference in Tasmania

Israeli Communications Technology was the Key Factor in Filming Thai Kids

God Kept Him From Drowning When Tractor Rolled Into Pond With Him Trapped Inside

Suspect Tries to Steal Car with Toddlers in Back Seat, Gets Shot in Head by Mother  Injuries not life threatening.

A $6 billion China startup wants to be the Amazon of healthcare

HPV test viable alternative to pap smear for women over 30, study finds

My daughter, every time you pray a calm, fervent, and loving HAIL MARY to my Mother, I deposit a Golden coin in the Treasury of Heaven for you.”  Why Hail Marys are golden

Blood Moon: Eclipse over Jerusalem Signals ‘End Times?’
 Sages of Israel say that lunar eclipses are significant for the affairs of Israel. This eclipse will will be the longest of the 21st Century. Notice the face of Jesus between the plants on the Wailing Wall?

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The major errors the Blessed Mother mentions at Fatima

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The sainted life of Blessed Margaret Costello, God's 'Little Pearl'. “Oh, if you only knew what I carried in my heart, you would marvel!”  This was, indeed, a prophecy discovered after her death

As the Reverend Eric Fisher laid his healing hands upon the infirm leg of Alice Jones, she was astonished to see his face transform into the face of Padre Pio

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The scientist who is widely regarded as the “Father of Global Warming” has admitted that the data used to promote his theory was false and manipulated to fit an agenda

2 more earthquakes ROCK Israel, leaving citizens wondering if the BIG ONE is on the way  Yes, it is. 

We're ready to go in- Dive team are all set for Thai cave rescue as rescuers ask for more time to build up the boys' strength

This saint bore the stigmata every Good Friday for 38 years

Maria Domenica Lazzeri who lived only on the Eucharist

As Rhoda Wise cause prepares for Rome, a look at her friendship with Mother Angelica

Beryl could be downgraded to a tropical storm but strengthen again

 Cat 4 Typhoon Maria to threaten Japan, China early next week Imperils Thai kids' rescue

Convicted Australian archbishop says he'll step down if appeal fails

Remembering a happier time, when sexual perversions didn’t run our lives

Italian homosexual priest marries and still remains a priest in his diocese

Four German bishops say they will allow some Protestants to receive Holy Communion

Local German priests correct their bishop over sacrilegious sacrilegious for Protestants

Did folic acid supplementation in foods lead to less psychosis in kids?

Our Lady of Siluva

Maine teenager recovers from BB gun shot to head moments after priest reads last rites