Communism Is Satanic by Nature
 The major errors the Blessed Mother mentions at Fatima

Two doctors volunteer to STAY with children trapped in Thai cave if floodwaters cut them off and make rescue attempts impossible, as divers prepare to take food to survivors

The woman who knew what it took to be a saint

The deadly disease that made a man smell so bad his plane had an emergency landing died of "necrosis" a stage in necrotic fasciitis..misdiagnosed in Spain. 

Last surviving "Gone With the Wind" star turns 102

Man gets Reese's with no peanut butter, company responds

Eric Trump rushes into traffic to save ailing woman

Woman found alive inside mortuary fridge

Seven Daily Habits to Help Grow in Holiness

Scientists photograph the moment a new planet is born using the most powerful telescope ever built

Longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century coming July 13. Not visible in the Western Hemisphere  

26 Americans in 7 cities have now been hurt by unusual sounds and these sonic attacks remain unexplained

She promised Mary that if  received  the grace of healing, she would devote her life to sharing her love for the Blessed Mother with the world. After the spontaneous caner healing, it came in the form of a special Fatima mission

DNA, genealogy heating up decades-old cold cases

Maid of Orléans St. Joan of Arc Patron of Soldiers and France

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Tarot Cards: Recent Trend, Ancient Evil Well Known in Israel

The sainted life of Blessed Margaret Costello, God's 'Little Pearl'. “Oh, if you only knew what I carried in my heart, you would marvel!”  This was, indeed, a prophecy discovered after her death

As the Reverend Eric Fisher laid his healing hands upon the infirm leg of Alice Jones, she was astonished to see his face transform into the face of Padre Pio

Catholic Justice Kennedy was supposed to be conservative, but he betrayed America on life and marriage

Undercover Boss: An Amazing Lesson in Kindness

Expect a Miracle

The Great Power of Prayer

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Australian archbishop sentenced a a year of detention for cover-up (That is, no jail)

Parent outraged as public school gives assignment to class to write a letter to their families about why they are converting to Islam

Why Did FEMA Import 2500 Gallons of Hydrogen Cyanide?

3-year-old girl stabbed at birthday party dies

Mom accuses pope of cover-up of son's sex abuse (Pope was archbishop in Argentina at the time)

Amy Coney Barrett could be a brilliant choice for the U.S. Supreme Court

Republican Senator Susan Collins Says a Pro-Life Supreme Court Nominee is “Not Acceptable”

Atheists Have Shorter Lifespans

Death is a "core Canadian value"

FBI- Arrest made in alleged July 4 attack plan in Cleveland

Uptick in serious sins among the clergy
Four Orthodox Church priests in Kerala booked for rape

Kerala: Nun alleges Orthodox Bishop raped her 13-times in two years

Rapid City priest admits  theft at church

Priest removed from ministry on 'personal leave' after video showed 'gay sex romp' on church altar (Ireland)

Raging Maryland priest boots grieving black family out of funeral for chalice mishap--Archdiocese apologizes

How Islam progressively takes over countries