Serious flaw in current protections: If a priest accused of abuse one of your neighbors
it's up to you to find out

A Roman Catholic bishop in Pennsylvania barred one of his predecessors from representing the diocese or representing the diocese in public

3 very  elderly Pittsburgh priests accused of sexual abuse placed on administrative leave by reigning bishop

Minnesota jury rules in favor of priest who will now get monetary damages for false accusations

Nova Scotia Bp. Mancini: I just broke down during Mass this morning!

A group of faithful Catholics  organizing a protest against Bp. Robert McElroy of San Diego  

Bishop McElroy was chosen specifically to introduce homosexuality to churches in San Diego. Read how  homosexual infiltration operates at the parish level and persecutes faithful Catholics

New evidence backs Vigaṇ’s claim about Benedict-imposed sanctions on McCarrick

Vigano: Journalists must ask what happened to ‘cache of documents’ Benedict gave to Francis

John Paul II’s biographer praises Vatican whistleblower Vigaṇ: ‘courageous, honest, loyal’

Vatican Removes Pope Francis' Comments Advising Parents to Seek Psychiatric Help for Gay Children

Atheists Urge People to Quit Catholic Church Over Sex Abuse Scandal; Catholic League Warns Believers Are 'Being Played'

First Yellowstone-area grizzly hunt in 40 years blocked by federal judge

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling released from prison  Meanwhile,

A Connecticut Roman Catholic priest who ran a methamphetamine ring returned to prison for failing drug test

Elephants' "zombie" gene may shed light on cancer prevention

‘Insect apocalypse’ sweeps through Russian town leaving cars and people covered

New Study of Over One Million Patients Shows Private Hospital Rooms are Safer

Australia won't make priests report confessions

How the Mormons got it wrong and reason to be most careful with supernatural gifts and "visitations"

Beautiful, yet terrifying, Typhoon "Jebi" expected in Japan on September 3.
Winds over 150 mph making it a super typhoon. The eye is 25 miles wide.

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Saint Ann, Wonder Worker of Heaven

Successive Vatican Secretaries of State, Sodano and  Bertone had roles in the McCarrick cover-up. Both also had major roles suppressing the entirety of the Third Secret reducing the Message of Fatima to a generic prescription for person piety, stripped of it s prophetic and monitory content regarding coming evil and corruption in the Church

Cardinal raises question: Is Pope Francis part of Church’s ‘final trial’?

Vigano issues new statement, documents to clear his name of false charges

Pope: ‘I Will Not Say a Single Word’ About Allegations of McCarrick Cover-Up

Ex-Nuncio says Pope Francis knew about McCarrick as did Wuerl, Cupich and others. Not not only did the pope fail to act, but reversed all of Benedict's sanctions on McCarrick

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Woman ‘meets’ Jesus and God in AFTERLIFE

Little Sisters in D.C. celebrate 150 years of serving the elderly poor in America

Synthetic pot (heroin and fentanyl mixture) exposure sickened dozens of Pennsylvania prisoners and workers Exposure via eating or touching paper which has soaked it up. Fentanyl goes through human skin easily

General attacked for Christian faith appeals to Mattis

Earth Set For a BIG FREEZE, Sun 'Totally Void' Of Sun Spots For Majority Of 2018

The Pope isn’t simply a victim of a smear campaign

Couple ordered to hand over remainder of $400K they raised for a homeless veteran

Jesuit: “I actually don’t feel that the bishops betrayed my trust, because they’ve never had it.”

The Latest Vatican Crisis Is About Power—Not Abuse Victims   see next link

Deacon who was critical of Buffalo bishop (asked him to resign) says diocese won't let him preach

Epic save! Dramatic moment dad catches his baby son just in time as he climbs over his crib and falls out head first

Seminarians served as McCarrick aides during abuse investigation

Six cases where the sexual abuse scandal touches Pope Francis

Archbishop Vagano reveals network which had long been discussed

27 Catholic scholars ask Pope to stop German church giving Communion to Protestants

Making a difference: Bishops of Atlanta province huddle consider how to lead outraged congregations

Ethiopia- Muslims torch ten churches, murder 50 Christians

Church Militant has received independent corroboration from two cardinals that Vigano's testimony is entirely true.  Link  McCarrick staying at his house in D.C. across from American University Law School.

NY- Alleged Intruder Shot in Chest by Woman Defending Four Children

Lost in a rainstorm, he pulled to the side of the road and found Jesust