Leading Mexican Presidential Candidate Calls For Mexicans To Flood Into The US, “It’s A Human Right”

Priestly ordination gave Russian balloonist unusual "powers" and a miracle or two during his balloon trip around the world

Vatican convicts ex-diplomat of child porn distribution  Gets 5 years

Ex-priest who abused child allowed access to Chicago schools

French priest, 89, who slapped crying baby during his baptism forced to retire

'Only God Could Have Done That'- Belfast Church Unites Men Who Were Mortal Enemies

When America turned from God, the suicide rate went up

Car dealers gear up for Saudi women to hit the roads

US bear researcher not switching jobs even after grizzly attacks her

A church was built in native village of the first female cosmonaut to mark the 55th anniversary of her flight

Evil generation: California is Full of Psychopaths, but Not as Bad as D.C., Study Finds

Catholic priest tells the British House of Lords of the benefits of yoga to mark International Yoga Day 2018

U.S. Faces ‘Unprecedented Threat’ From China on Tech Takeover via citizens living here

In China, universities seek to plant ‘Xi Thought’ in minds of students

Pope says local bishop should make the call on intercommunion

Pope invents the new sin of "opulence"

After Francis says he only heard about the Dubia in media, Card. Burke responds, "He must not have understood the interviewer's question"

Czech Bishop: Men Without Faith Reign The Church - Bishop Athanasius Schneider

New York Archdiocese posts timeline on cardinal’s ministry, abuse claim

Delta bans pit bulls as service dogs on flights

Australian Seer Valentina prophesized "Events soon to happen in the world"

Silicon Valley tiny house on sale for $2.6 million


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Former Satanic High Priest Says Christian Prayers Hindered Him from Carrying Out Evil

Atheist  was shocked to learn that miracles are not only common, but also well-documented.  This is the miracle that shocked him 30 years ago into accepting them and rejecting his atheism

It's not about Child/Parent Separation, but Child Abuse, Smuggling & possibly Sex Trafficking by Parents handing their Children to "Human Smugglers" & Drug Cartels

Prophecy for the Jews written on the face of the Earth?
Israeli scientist develops a formula correlating the axis of the earth and the latitudes of Israel’s Biblical borders to past historical dates

The faith of Pocahontas and her call as a missionary

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Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Actually Pretty Popular

Two women dressed as nuns. Their real habit was armed bank robbery, N.J. prosecutors say

Nearly 200 priests apply for gun permits after spate of murders in Philippines

Syrian migrant accused of sex crimes against 9 women in eastern Germany

Sweden’s most popular musical festival shuts down PERMANENTLY due to sexual assaults by Islamic refugees – so now everyone has to suffer

MS-13 gang members, including 10 illegal immigrants, charged in deaths of Virginia teens

Electronic skin lets any prosthesis feel touch and pain

Popular Arkansas Pastor Timothy Rogers Calls Hell a 'Fairytale' No Different Than Santa Claus

At least 33 children, 3 adults fall ill at Florida summer camp, hospitalized

Next blood moon on July 27th will be the largest this century 

How Saudi Crown Prince Emerged as One of the Most Powerful People in the World

Tolling of bells baffles Duterte

These are the deadliest lab-made biological threats we aren't ready for

‘Big as cats’: Huge rats flood Swedish city as authorities urge people to keep children indoors

Kansas priest defrocked after child sex abuse allegations

Former priest sexually abused girl for years, which started in the confessional

2 Police Officials, Teacher, Among 60 Arrested in Texas Child Sex Crime Sting Operation

Thrift store worker finds $36,000 cash in doll box

Australian man wins three big lottery prizes in one month

Dogs recognize, understand human facial expressions