It's not about Child/Parent Separation, but Child Abuse, Smuggling & possibly Sex Trafficking by Parents handing their Children to "Human Smugglers" & Drug Cartels

Temporary separation of children to a place only for them is the best way to keep order and peace among detainees and safest for children. It also is thought to reduce communicable disease spread in a largely unimmunized population. This is what will happen in FEMA shelters in the coming disasters. Moreover, men and women (husbands and wives) will (must) be separated. Weep for yourselves, not immigrants who receive humane treatment.

Demonic possession is REAL, says psychiatry professor who's spent 25 years viewing exorcisms - and says 'fallen angels' target the devout AND those who've meddled with the occult  Dr. Gallagher again...but with new details of his fascinating encounters: When you are most likely to be possessed; the difference between oppress and obsession.  The best article of the year on Dr. Gallagher from Dailymail.

Trump falsely claims that crime on rise in Germany. (If you have visited this website you know that Trump is RIGHT).  Angelica Merkle's government is facing a regime ending crisis over crime stats from Muslim immigrants and its open border policy).

Violent crime rises in Germany and is attributed to refugees

80,000 Muslim migrants en-route to Europe, armed forces deployed to stop them

Bible’s dietary laws convinced doc that ‘God is a cardiologist’

Body of Catholic priest is exhumed to establish whether he secretly fathered a child 72 years ago

Birth triggered rare, deadly illness in mom until UT Southwestern geneticist solved the mystery

Catholics' Support for Female Priests May Be Exaggerated, Researchers Say

Suspect charged in 1987 slayings after genealogy link

3 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Walmart parking lot

Pastor confronts, kills carjacker in Walmart parking lot

5 charged in "smuggling scheme" after fatal SUV crash

Sharp increase of sexual assault incidents on airplanes, FBI says

North Korea: Her family were secret Christians; she was trafficked and imprisoned

Normal is the new non-conformity

Trump's deputy chief of staff is out- Joe Hagin to leave White House after keeping North Korea summit secrets from Trump to stop him from tweeting - and revelations of links to sex cult

Consecrated hosts found intact 17 months after earthquake, ‘a fresh baked aroma still noticeable’

Magnificent U.S. plains storm by Aussie storm chaser Willoughby Owens

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 The power of friendship evangelism and healing prayers in the Middle East! Thx PC

Venerable Patrick Peyton: the Rosary Priest

Seeing the Unseen: The Nature of Spiritual Warfare Favorite weapons: manipulating language and relativism

A priest explains why things are not well in the Catholic Church and getting worse

How an Angel Rescued Me From Getting Mugged in a Dark Alley

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Illegal Aliens Using Minors to Enter U.S. Increased 315 Percent Since Last Year

Theodore McCarrick, former D.C. archbishop, removed from ministry over 'credible' sex abuse claim

End Times pastor and televangelist Perry Stone of Voice of Evangelism, Tennessee, recently claimed that world leaders, particularly in Europe, have not only abandoned their Christian background, but actively pray to Satan. Link

Oklahoma Family Meets Their Tragic Fate After Years Of Ignoring Glaring Red Flags

Monsanto faces its first trial over Roundup cancer claims

West Point grad who posed with 'Communism will win' in cap kicked out of Army.

Former Israeli minister charged with spying for Iran

Officers stop traffic to let snake cross street Good for them

‘Sex Assigned at Birth’ Will Be Taught After Virginia School Board Ignores Parents’ Concerns

Target Promotes LGBTQ Pride Month Products For Children

Nikki Haley Announces U.S. Pull Out From UN Human Rights Council

Asia Bibi Marks Nine Years Since Arrest for Blasphemy in Pakistan

Catholic Standard receives 17 awards at 2018 Catholic Media Conference

Restaurant shuttered in China after all-you-can-eat promotion backfires

Toxic plant that burns skin, causes blindness spreading in U.S.

Francis to become first Pope to make visit expressly dedicated to World Council of Churches “The Catholic Church believes there is a unique responsibility of the Bishop of Rome for the unity of the global church. The Catholic Church, or more specifically the Bishop of Rome, has a specific responsibility to unite the whole church”.

Pope Francis says gay couples cannot be considered 'families'

Hollywood (Florida) woman visited monthly by the Virgin Mary dies

4 y.o. boy dies after statue of Virgin Mary falls on him. Spiritual warfare at a spiritual retreat? Reader FR relates that this was a very noisy, hyperactive child unable to be quiet at Mass or at any gathering.   Thx FR.

Five myths about Alzheimer’s disease Inability to smell peanut butter is a myth

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