The faith of Pocahontas and her call as a missionary

Australian priests ‘willing to go to jail’ rather than break seal of confessional

In Imitation of St. Joseph, Model of Fathers of Families

Faith of Our Fathers- Why a Masculine Example of Holiness Is Vital for Children

10 Dads who became canonized saints

St. Anthony to the Rescue

Rainwater collection criminalized in Oregon

Mount Everest, the high-altitude rubbish dump

Would-Be Robbery Victim Pulls Gun, Shoots Three Suspects

Manila bishop wants ‘bad spirits’ driven out

‘The Stone House’: Where A Priest Has Been Making Stone Structures For Decades

Pope- slander, the first step towards destroying people, erecting dictatorships

Who started the custom of saying “God Bless You!” When People Sneeze

Guam Abp. Anthony Apuron, convicted by Cd. Burke's tribunal, appeals Vatican verdict on abuse charges

Diaper Sales Plummet as Americans Have Fewer Babies

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Bio-weapon of arrested Tunisian asylum seeker could have killed hundreds of Germans

Sisters arrested for stabbing each other

Baby born on Paris train gets free rides until 25

Americans increasingly think pornography is “morally acceptable”

22 injured, suspect killed in N.J. arts festival shooting

Venezuela tear gas explosion at school graduation stampede kills 17

Octopus, Starfish and Other Sea Creatures Fell From the Sky During Powerful China Storm

Delhi’s air pollution is now so bad it is literally off the chart

Australian nun Sister Patricia Fox wins appeal to stay in Philippines

Minnesota woman marks 10 years as a Catholic "priest"

Earthquake shakes Osaka- three dead and 40 injured