4 Errors You Should Avoid in the Proclamation of the Faith
This is what love does — it speaks the truth and warns of error  

Terrifying new strain of bird flu that kills over a THIRD of those who contract it

22-foot-long python swallows woman (Indonesia)

George Soros Buys Up Lion’s Share of New York Times Stock

Who started the custom of saying “God Bless You!” When People Sneeze

Sessions cites Bible to defend immigration policies resulting in family separations

5 people shot while visiting California cemetery

A Culture of Bullying — and Christian Courage

What Good Can Come of Hardship?

Catholics can get married outdoors in two places- In Montana, and now in Baltimore

Canada Supreme Court Says Christian Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation for Opposing Homosexuality

Gene therapy reverses rat's paralysis New gene delivered by a modified virus breaks down nerve scar tissue which allows neural connections to re-establish

New Children’s Cartoons Feature Toddler Drag Queens And Cross-dressing Superheroes

US Secret Service Employee Among 2,300 Suspected Child Sex Offenders Nabbed in Nationwide Operation

Wind sends Colorado porta potty flying high and guess what drops on the crowd below

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Has Monstanto found a way to make their poisons and gene-smithing even worse?

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Gunfire erupts at New Jersey arts festival; 22 wounded

Supermarket workers clear shelves of potentially contaminated cereal

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano destroys 467 homes

So far, 73 people have become ill in 31 states and 24 have been treated in hospitals in new Salmonella cereal outbreak

Gov. of Guam give Trump and Melania a scapular; credits our Lady of Fatima Statue of N. Korea Peace 2 1/2 min video

Guam Abp. Anthony Apuron, convicted by Cd. Burke's tribunal, appeals Vatican verdict on abuse charges

Diaper Sales Plummet as Americans Have Fewer Babies

Priests say they won't break the seal of confession, but what does that mean?

A thank-you note for mothers and mentors and other inspiring people

South Australia AG’s office: Authorities will investigate any instance of alleged failed Confession reporting from church officials and will prosecute when necessary!

Evidence of Pontius Pilate carved in stone found

Tortured and abducted- An Iraqi bishop’s personal account of captivity

With Knife Crimes on Rise, British Judge Recommends Duller Kitchen Knives Actually, duller knifes inflict worse injuries

Ex-soldier sentenced for damaging parachute of wife who survived 4,000-foot fall

The U.S. intelligence community wants to unlock more efficient ways to store the trove of data humans generate every day, and it believes our DNA could hold the key

Scientists discover molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease