The power of friendship evangelism and healing prayers in the Middle East! Thx PC

DEMONS really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist, as pure evil sweeps over humanity

77 holistic practitioners now dead since 2015: This is beyond strange, they are dropping like flies

All Irish hospitals will be required to provide abortions

A crisis pregnancy agency in Ireland funded by the Catholic Church has announced plans to shutdown Friday (today)

Pope Francis: Poverty ‘Caused by Selfishness, Pride, Greed and Injustice’  Poorly informed, lacking economic education. Please stick to your day time job as shepherd

Chinese Dissident & Author, Liao Yiwu- Pope Francis is the “Worst Pope in History”

Pope urges 'examination of conscience' on treatment of the poor  How about examination of the conscience on the treatment of the unborn?

What is the biggest threat young people face? Mediocrity, Pope says  Another speech inciting to rebellion, protest. Can you imaging Jesus giving such a speech?

Commentary: Immigration and 'canonical penalties'

4 years old- abducted from bed and raped tells police "A monster took me"  Every parent's nightmare. Suspect arrested.

Green gems shooting from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii as lava forms new peninsula. This lovely mineral was also produced in quantity by Mt St Helen eruption.

Israeli Team Using Special Enzyme IN Groundbreaking treatment of  Volcano Burns In Guatemala

Deadly Naegleria fowleri amebae found in Louisiana water system  Do not put any water from the public supply up your nose or to irrigate your eye(s); ingested is probably much less of a risk

Priest accused of sexual abuse turns himself in and confesses (Louisiana)

Chile police raid Catholic Church offices as part of sex abuse probe

School District to Remove “Clergy” from List of Trusted Adults

Woman who shot Wichita abortion doctor, bombed clinics in 1990s released from prison

'I was really supposed to be another person'- Two 72-year-old women discover they were switched at BIRTH after taking 23andMe test

Woman Says Neil Armstrong Gave Her A Vial Of Moon Dust, Sues NASA To Keep It

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He Predicted Trump Would Be President 6 Years Ago, Here's Why This Prophet Says Trump Is in for Two Terms

Venerable Patrick Peyton: the Rosary Priest

Seeing the Unseen: The Nature of Spiritual Warfare Favorite weapons: manipulating language and relativism

A priest explains why things are not well in the Catholic Church and getting worse

How an Angel Rescued Me From Getting Mugged in a Dark Alley

Monsanto wants to replace the bees they are killing with genetically engineered flying ants
Has Monstanto found a way to make their poisons and gene-smithing even worse?

Reportable conduct  extended to Australian confessional, despite last-minute plea

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Man sentenced for tampering with wife's parachute

Haley Decries ‘Morally Bankrupt’ UN over Gaza

In a brazen act of defiance, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ says that no force in the world can prevent them from paying terrorists and their families

CUP OF TREMBLING- United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians

Unusual Summer Rain: Is God Crying On Jerusalem?

Israel to refill shrinking Sea of Galilee  I think the Lord will fill it, Himself

Religious people live 4 years longer

Suspect in priest’s killing nabbed

Satan salivating to destroy the Catholic Church Editorial on the recent murders of priests in the Philippines

5-month-old mauled, killed by babysitter's dog

Bill Cosby fires all his  lawyers, hires 1 lawyer as sentencing looms in August

Trump Admin Stops Justin Trudeau From Using G7 Summit to Promote Abortion

IQs have started to fall by seven points per generation in 'pretty worrying' trend, scientists discover

Robber tries to carjack 2 cars, both drivers pull out firearms

The U.S. intelligence community wants to unlock more efficient ways to store the trove of data humans generate every day, and it believes our DNA could hold the key

Scientists discover molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease

Detroit ranked as worst U.S. city to live in -- again

University of California website says its OK for children to engage in ‘sexual play,’ and watch porn

Fort Wayne VA hospital replaces military flags with LGBT pride flag

Researchers found that more than 200 commonly used prescription drugs have depression or suicidal symptoms listed on their containers as potential side effects