He Predicted Trump Would Be President 6 Years Ago, Here's Why This Prophet Says Trump Is in for Two Terms 

Priest Returns home after surviving Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Inspirational raccoon who scaled 25-story building in Minnesota is finally caught with cat food bait and released into the wild

'I was really supposed to be another person'- Two 72-year-old women discover they were switched at BIRTH after taking 23andMe test

Japanese restaurant asks Chinese tourists to leave due to ‘disgusting’ behavior

Overloaded boat capsizes in Indonesia, at least 13 dead

Woman Says Neil Armstrong Gave Her A Vial Of Moon Dust, Sues NASA To Keep It

Inca Skull Surgeons Had Better Success Rates Than American Civil War Doctors


14 Canada geese found decapitated, mutilated


Australia to offer national apology for institutional child sex abuse

Get ready for "The Darkest Chapter" in "The Conjuring" universe. "The Nun," a spinoff from "The Conjuring 2,"

Pope Francis to visit holy shrine at Knock in August

Israel to refill shrinking Sea of Galilee  I think the Lord will fill it, Himself

The Smart Video Trump Showed Kim Jong-un to Convince Him to Change

Raccoon scales skyscraper, takes nap on ledge

Ex-wife of shooting spree suspect calls him her "personal terrorist"

Witchcraft Symbols, Satan Rants in Church- Violence Rising Against UK Christian Clergy, Experts Say

Ozzy Osbourne wins Golden God award

Obama's view Christ the Redeemer

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Unusual Summer Rain: Is God Crying On Jerusalem?

Christians Blast Trump for Saying Murderous North Korea Dictator 'Loves His People'

Woman who shot Wichita abortion doctor, bombed clinics in 1990s released from prison

'If Donald Trump Walked on Water, They Would Say He Couldn't Swim'- Dem Pollster Blasts Media's NKorea Coverage


Scientists discover molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease

Detroit ranked as worst U.S. city to live in -- again

Man wins $2M after using same Powerball numbers for 18 years

Italy takes in 900 migrants after shunning 600 others

University of California website says its OK for children to engage in ‘sexual play,’ and watch porn

Fort Wayne VA hospital replaces military flags with LGBT pride flag

New Jersey special education teacher leaves $1m to her students after death

All Irish hospitals will be required to provide abortions

Researchers found that more than 200 commonly used prescription drugs have depression or suicidal symptoms listed on their containers as potential side effects

Nearly Half the Patents on Marine Genes Belong to Just One Company


Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump Accept Each Other's Visit Invitations - Reports


Satan salivating to destroy the Catholic Church Editorial on the recent murders of priests in the Philippines

St. Damien’s first assignment: ‘the district close to the big volcano’

God’s love and mercy drew him to priesthood, now he hopes to share that with others

Landlords practically giving malls away

Major research reveals CRISPR gene-editing could increase cancer risk in cells
Crispr fell as much as 14%; Editas Medicine and Intellia Therapeutics stocks dropped as much as 9.5%; Sangamo Therapeutics slipped as much as 4.3%

Christian Family from Pakistan Begs British Prime Minister for Asylum

‘I Thank God She’s Safe’- Neighbor Finds Toddler Missing for Nearly 36 Hours

Parent Trap 2018 Teacher, 26, who fell in love with his ten-year-old student's mom proposes to them BOTH  asking to be a husband and a father

Small Business Euphoric About Trump As Optimism Soars To 34 Year High

Ramadan Rage: Jihadists Have Killed, Injured 1,365 with One Week to Go

New York- Devout Muslim immigrant arrested in bludgeoning death of university professor

'Jesus, Save Me'- Actor's Plea to God Changed Everything'