Monsanto wants to replace the bees they are killing with genetically engineered flying ants
Has Monstanto found a way to make their poisons and gene-smithing even worse?

Australian bishop protests law requiring priests to break seal of confession

Hundreds Hurt in Gaza Protest, Including 80 by Israeli Fire

Hamas, Iran making ‘great efforts’ to fuel Gaza clashes

Hundreds Hurt in Gaza Protest, Including 80 by Israeli Fire

“Palestinians” to dress like Holocaust concentration camp prisoners in protest 

Khamenei Fires Air Force Chief over Israeli F-35 Deep Penetration of Iran’s Sky  Ain't it awful...?

There is a prophecy of a tsunami destroying (cleansing) Gaza... Link

There will come a day when the Jews from Gaza will be evacuated and the land will be given to the enemy. After the Jews have left, God will shake the sea near Gaza and a great wave will wash away the entire region, turning it into tiny islands. After this, the Jews will return to the region.”

At the time, Sharabi (rabbinical prophet) did not believe this prediction.

“It sounded too unlikely that Israel would give away so much land, hurt so many people, and turn it all over to the Arabs,” Sharabi said. “No one in Israel believed it could happen.”

Even to the prophet's surprise, the first half of this prophecy came to pass in 2005 when all of Gaza’s Jewish communities were evacuated by the Israeli government. But the second, the tsunami that washes away the entire region, has yet to take place.

Vatican orders ex-diplomat to U.S, to face child sex abuse trial

UK Hospital Bans Bedside Bibles After Receiving Complaint  Ever see a society so willing to cave to extremists? What healing aides you have in your hospital room is your business, no one else's.

Church Fire Destroys Nearly Everything Except Bibles That Remain Unscathed

'I Hope They See Jesus'- Fox & Friends Host Shares Personal Testimony in New Memoir 

Why Do the Dying Reach Toward Heaven?

No Film Has Ever Told the Story of the Spiritual Battle on D-Day

Here’s the Story of the Most Important Weather Forecast in History. The One That Saved D-Day

Does Amoris Laetitia promotes blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? The reasoning for the case has incisive logic.

Are you a “neo-Gnostic Catholic?”
Conservative Catholics are accused of “neo-Gnosticism” for believing  that they are saved because they adhere to  “inflexible and lifeless doctrines” and strictly observe a rigid and merciless “moral code.”.   They insist past truths as defined in the deposit of faith must  obeyed as written.  These “neo-Gnostic Catholics” are supposedly not open to the fresh movement of the Spirit within the contemporary Church.  The latter is often referred to as “the new paradigm.” This spurious reasoning is often used to advance the  “the new paradigm” on the uniformed. If you are like me and struggle to understand this pope's interpretation of moral theology, this is easy to follow and a short discussion by Fr. Weinhardy.   Link

Book on Irish mystic details the blood curses and how families they can be healed

  Now that is good! 
Osprey in Finland gets 2 fish at the same time. Notice the tracking band on the leg. Has chicks in a nest .

Past Headlines

7 Godly Love Stories that Inspire

Exploring the spiritual dimensions of Gaza
They have no guardian angel like most nations. They are cursed and Israel will never control them because it is a spiritual battle

Reportable conduct  extended to Australian confessional, despite last-minute plea

Can Animals Feel Grief?

As a priest, you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence

Resisting Gay-Enabling Prelates. Are You Prepared?

Overt demonic activity coming, warns 'Spiritual Warfare' expert

Satan operates through gradualism. He keeps repeating the same thing, until it is accepted, then gradually moves his evil further downhill. Soon the source of truth is questioned and seeds of doubt sown. In the terminal strategy demons are released with full-force to come against God’s commandments. Demons are rewarded and punished as in this world. Subverting an archbishop is the Nobel prize from Hell.

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Father Peter Mary Rookey and his Amazing Miracle Prayer

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Justify claims Triple Crown with Belmont Stakes win

Nipah Virus, Rare and Dangerous, Spreads in India

Scarlet fever has surged in China since 2011

Man deliberately contracted HIV so he could pass it on to other people --Gets 50 years

So. Baptist Resolution Calls on Convention to Reject Gay Therapy Bans, Belief God Makes People Gay

Whitney Houston Performed a stunning Rendition of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to Huge Crowd the Night Before She Died

'My thoughts and prayers are for the victims and their families'- Estranged wife of 'Golden State Killer' breaks her silence

US beats China to build the world's fastest supercomputer- Astonishing 'Summit' device large enough to fill two tennis courts is a MILLION times faster than a laptop

Miracle mom returns from the dead, saw glimpse of the afterlife

NY Court Hands Victory to Abp. Sheen’s Family, Rules Body Can Go to Illinois

Women Earn 57% of U.S. Bachelor’s Degrees—For 18th Straight Year

Yellowstone Eruption Fears Spike As Largest Geyser Erupts For The 8th Time

Austria to shut seven ‘political’ mosques and expel 80 imams

Iran launched an attack on Israel — and it got badly beaten and internationally abandoned

Insane- Virginia School Board To Teach Children That Gender Is A Social Construct

China ‘removes missile systems’ from disputed South China Sea island – but sends warning to US

Death Penalty ‘Now Mandatory’ for All Who Blaspheme Against Islam in Mauritania

Pedophile Who Wants to Legalize Incest, Have Sex With Daughter, Running for Congress in Virginia  Didn't  think politicians could get much lower

Final preparations underway in Singapore ahead of historic summit

23 people, 5 dogs, a cat, a parrot and a statue of the Virgin, rode out Katrina in this East Biloxi (located in the upper right quadrant of hurricane) and Camille in 1969

8 of the World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes, According to Experts

4 Visionaries who saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the messages they received

Explaining the strange symbolism of the Sacred Heart  Thx TO