Reportable conduct  extended to Australian confessional, despite last-minute plea

Thx DC Family in Australia

Why Do the Dying Reach Toward Heaven?

Pope Francis prays for inter-Korean reconciliation: Vatican's envoy

Guatemala volcano- Almost 200 missing and 75 dead

Dogs could become the next source of a deadly flu pandemic

Book on Irish mystic details the blood curses and how families they can be healed

Phoenix man abuses stepchildren with toothpicks under nails and worse 

The Most Overlooked Prophetic Sign

Man bitten by decapitated rattlesnake, almost dies Antivenin VERY expensive. Treatment estimated to cost > $100K

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Suffers Another Defeat, Can’t Force Christian Colleges to Fund Abortions

Vatican sec. of state, Parolin, attendee at Bilderberg

Angelus News,  of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, has entered into an editorial partnership with. and his Crux magazine

Poll: Majority of Democrats Now Accept Pornography

When Killing Is ‘Health Care,’ Can Medicine Be Trusted?

Kilauea’s magnetic field goes OPPOSITE direction – sending compasses crazy

Grave robbers steal bones from Miami cemeteries for witchcraft. Skulls go for $1,000

Eight priests from the Rochester Diocese accused of sexually abusing children

Retired Wisconsin priest ordered to trial on sex assault charges

Nine in 10 crimes in Britain are NEVER solved, as police are preoccupied with Islamophobia”

London saw 16,000 Moped Gang Attacks in 2017 - Up 1,000 Percent in 3 Years

How Seaweed Connects Us All 


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Can Animals Feel Grief?

As a priest, you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence

Resisting Gay-Enabling Prelates. Are You Prepared?

Overt demonic activity coming, warns 'Spiritual Warfare' expert

Abp. Martin, calls for 'safe', 'rare', and 'legal' abortion His office says it was "taken out of context", then later admits that it should not have been said. Archbishops remains silent

Satan operates through gradualism. He keeps repeating the same thing, until it is accepted, then gradually moves his evil further downhill. Soon the source of truth is questioned and seeds of doubt sown. In the terminal strategy demons are released with full-force to come against God’s commandments. Demons are rewarded and punished as in this world. Subverting an archbishop is the Nobel prize from Hell.

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Father Peter Mary Rookey and his Amazing Miracle Prayer

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“To fix a set ‘model’ for demonic possession would be a serious mistake; the affliction runs the gamut of symptoms and severity.” _ Fr. Gabriele Amorth Read this case history

More than 100 German citizens fall victim to migrant crimes every single day

London Baby Stabbing- Man Arrested for Double Attack Was Pakistani National Awaiting Deportation

How to make perfect KFC coleslaw  Ever wondered

Sunday Mass is not optional, UK archbishop reminds Catholics

Stephen King’s latest novel wrestles with the question of how to be in two places at one time"  Article even mentions Padre Pio Thx FR

This is the story of a lesser-known statue of the Virgin Mary that exuded what appears to be blood

A Crayfish Amputated Its Own Claw to Avoid Being Boiled Alive in a Hotpot Diner decided to save it

How the Moon's movements could give us Earthlings a 25-hour day

India pledges to ban all single-use plastic by 2022

What over 60 countries have done to curb plastic waste

Crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during baptism ceremony  Quoted by several reputable sources...assumed not fake news

Pastor Dies Embracing Pulpit During Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala

All food is required to have a "rot date" but that does not mean that it is not wholesome.  Unfortunately, Food banks will not take "expired" goods of any kind by law. 

"I opened a can of 7 year old B&B brown bread this morning to have with my coffee. Smelled good in the can so I sliced it and put on gobs of real butter. Microed it a bit and melted the butter into it. YUM YUM I have been using up some of my green beans that missed rotation. They are 5 to 6 years old. No problems at all with them. No tin taste, Green Giant brand. My kids think I'm nuts ( 40 yr. olds ) and that I should throw out good food.

"I'm eating tuna that the use by date is 2011 and peanut butter that the use by date is 2013 and both are good.

"Ate a can of Tonno Genova(?) solid white tuna in olive oil last weekend. July 2010 expiration date. Tasted great, no problems 3 days later.

"I'm still eating 18 yr. old canned tuna, I bought for Y2K....still as good as the day I bought it. I'm still using up some canned soups from '99....just fine"

Mega Pastor Says He Didn't Ask Followers to Pay for $54M Jet, but 'Believe' It Into Existence  

Starting Jihad Early- Parents Film Under-Fives Dressed as Heavily Armed Jihadis Storming an Israeli Building, Acting Out the Killing of an IDF Soldier

Can you pass this hearing test? Thx FR