As a priest, you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence

Pope Francis faces pushback from the church’ conservatives

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition

Woman's obituary takes a dark turn- 'World is a better place without her'

Road rage attack on 2 women leaves them severely injured, police say

Jersey Shore real estate sign washes up in France years after Hurricane Sandy

Gazans infiltrate Israel, set fire to defense equipment

Secret diary written on castle floorboards reveals murders committed 140 years ago

Was Hurricane Harvey Rainfall A Sign Of Astros’ 2017 World Series Win?

Aussie twin sisters have given birth within hours of each other in a miraculous coincidence

UK couple refused Catholic wedding ‘because they’re pro-choice’

Makeshift ladder used to rescue leopard from well

Girl, 17, dies in a freak accident after 'drowning in the shower when she fell, was knocked out and her hair clogged the drain' as she was getting ready for school

'Sanctuary' NYC released 440 'dangerous' illegals

Meet the pilot who weaves messages of hope in skies over Naples, Fla.

Former slave, on possible path to sainthood, to be entombed in Denver cathedral

Air accident expert reveals the parts on a plane that can break without causing it to crash-land (and the bits you definitely DON’T want to see fall off mid-flight) 

Medical science should no longer remain skeptical of demonic possessions. Demonic possession is real and victims seeking exorcism should not be ignored.

Huge Blue Whale Sighted in the Red Sea for the First Time

How Seaweed Connects Us All 

Miraculous bedspread suddenly appeared in a convent in Ethiopia, in 2017

Past Headlines

Resisting Gay-Enabling Prelates. Are You Prepared?

Overt demonic activity coming, warns 'Spiritual Warfare' expert

Abp. Martin, calls for 'safe', 'rare', and 'legal' abortion His office says it was "taken out of context", then later admits that it should not have been said. Archbishops remains silent

Satan operates through gradualism. He keeps repeating the same thing, until it is accepted, then gradually moves his evil further downhill. Soon the source of truth is questioned and seeds of doubt sown. In the terminal strategy demons are released with full-force to come against God’s commandments. Demons are rewarded and punished as in this world. Subverting an archbishop is the Nobel prize from Hell.

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Father Peter Mary Rookey and his Amazing Miracle Prayer

The Days of Noah-- what they were like and what we can expect Priest: Marian solar miracles are God’s warning we have violated natural law
When leaders of the Church or world depart from justice and holiness to embrace depravity and wickedness, 'Sun, moon and stars are dimmed .'  The repeated solar phenomenon at a Roman shrine, (Our Lady of Revelation at Tre Fontane, Rome), strongly suggests that religious, rather than secular, leaders have departed from justice and holiness

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Experts warn of super storms and call for new category 6 for the oncoming Hurricane Season 2018 as monster storms growing more and more common

The 5 deadliest volcanoes in history 

Can you pass this hearing test? Thx FR

Trump’s White House Isn’t Acknowledging June As LGBT Pride Month

When Killing Is ‘Health Care,’ Can Medicine Be Trusted?

Supreme Court rules in favor of baker who refused to make wedding cake for same-sex couple

Because the Court’s decision does not offer a definitive ruling on the free speech and conscience issues involved, it is not entirely clear how other cases may be decided in the future.

The majority opinion says, “The outcome of cases like this in other circumstances must await further elaboration in the courts, all in the context of recognizing that these disputes must be resolved with tolerance, without undue disrespect to sincere religious beliefs, and without subjecting gay persons to indignities when they seek goods and services in an open market.”

This does not offer the wide veil of protection conservatives may have been hoping for, but it does insist that courts and other panels approach cases in a neutral way, without any bias against those trying to live out their religious convictions. That should be a reason for cautious optimism among advocates of religious freedom.

Supreme Court tosses ruling that forced government to provide abortions for illegal immigrants

Trump yanks White House invite to NFL Eagles because they refuse to respect the flag

When God Smiled During a Traffic Jam

The Big One could leave 250,000 to 400,000 quake refugees in California. Where will they go?

Christian celebrations in Germany CANCELED because police wouldn’t guarantee their protection from Muslim refugees

The idea of a Bay Area “exodus” is no joke. 50% want to move out of the area

Some powerful, amazing American miracles surrounding the formation of the Jewish state

7 Unexpected Ways the Old Testament Prefigures Mary

A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion "This is a real life example of burying one’s head in the sand".

St. John was on the Grecian Island of Patmos when he saw a "mountain crashing into the sea".  Therefore, I speculate that  Cumbre Vieja collapse on La Palma in the Carnary Ilands is more likely.