The Days of Noah-- what they were like and what we can expect

2 journalists killed when tree falls onto SUV  (casualties from Alberto)

Mother of 2 and 4 foster children burns  to death in Worcester...a place which has always been a place of spiritual battles

This Memorial Day, be thankful: Hillary Clinton could have been President today

Reflection on Tommy Robinson. A couple of prophecies come to mind

Thousands Storm 10 Downing Street, Climb Gates To Free Tommy Robinson

Catholic Church launchs probe after Virgin Mary statue starts weeping perfumed tears in "The Cross" , N.M.

Dublin priest tells congregation during Sermon “if you voted yes, you have no business receiving Holy Communion”  66% voted yes. That's 2/3. Is a chastisement coming upon Ireland before the new year?  At least in the U.S. they had to force abortion through the courts.

Northern Ireland Catholics who 'promote abortion' may not be allowed church wedding, says priest 

Bishop says Ireland's Catholics who voted Yes in referendum sinned and should confess

Theresa May under pressure to impose abortion on Northern Ireland

Flying on Sunday- Many airport chapels offer Mass

'Out of the Depths-' USS Indianapolis Survivor Tells His Miraculous Story

Atheist-turned-evangelist shares the real-life miracle that shocked him

Man scales building to save child on balcony

Amazing miracles from a couple of stories filled with faith

Ancient King David prophecy so spot on it continues to be challenged. Arguments against it destroyed

Proof Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia, NOT the Sinai Peninsula

Past Headlines

Priest: Marian solar miracles are God’s warning we have violated natural law
When leaders of the Church or world depart from justice and holiness to embrace depravity and wickedness, 'Sun, moon and stars are dimmed .'  The repeated solar phenomenon at a Roman shrine, (Our Lady of Revelation at Tre Fontane, Rome), strongly suggests that religious, rather than secular, leaders have departed from justice and holiness

The Courage to Endure to the End We see among Christians a tendency to misunderstand what it means to love. There is a belief that it means accepting everything, even sin. It means having some kind of warm feelings towards everyone. We forget that Matthew 10:22 says, “You will be hated by all because of my name, but whoever endures to the end will be saved.”

 The Amazing Humanities Dept. that was Shut Down After Too Many Students Converted to Catholicism

After speaking to the contrary, Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson will not resign after child sexual abuse cover-up conviction

The Shocking Connection Between Everyday Items and Demonic Activity, Especially Dolls

'Annabelle: Creation': The 'true' story of the evil doll star

These astonishing miracles led to St. Rita’s canonization

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A stroke patient's musical journey from coma to recovery

Landmark Case: California Judge Rules Christian Baker Does Not Have to Make Gay Wedding Cake

Half of Syria’s Air Defenses Destroyed by Israel in Recent Months

Syrian Air Force finally bars Iran from using its bases

Despite a 92% rise in violent crime and sexual assaults due to Islamic immigration, Merkel will NOT close the borders…they are happily welcoming more

Saudi Arabia stops new business with Germany over its pro-Iran policy

UK courtroom in shock as British Muslim encouraged followers to attack Prince George and to put poison in children’s ice cream

CANADA TERRIFIED- A new Islamic terror group vows carry out attacks on trains, poison drinking water, and burn forests in letter to Canadian citizens

Worldwide outrage as Amazon caught selling jihad recruitment material and bomb-making manual, available for next-day delivery

Tropical Cyclone “Mekunu” slams into Oman as strongest in recorded history, dumps nearly 3 years’ worth of rain in one day

Pope Francis likes to announce his choices for cardinal without notifying the men themselves or even the Secretariat of State

Ever heard of Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS).  Your hair looks like Einstein. Very rare mutation but a baby normal otherwise has it. No info on whether or not she is a genius yet

‘It destroys the autonomy of the Monasteries, removes the Superior, dissolves her authority and power, removes the financial independence of each Monastery, and destroys the specificity of each charism’ – A nun speaks out on the new Vatican directive to religious communities.

Great resource link: Operational Medicine is the healthcare provided in unconventional settings where important resources may be significantly restricted

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