These astonishing miracles led to St. Rita’s canonization

FIRE rages through a church destroying everything except holy paintings of Jesus and his saints — leading worshippers to hail it as a miracle

On this day, May 23, a tsunami generated by a 9.5 Chile EQ off shore destroyed downtown Hilo, Hawaii, killing 61. I was there. My home was destroyed.  Also, on this day, Adolph Eichmann was kidnapped and flown out of Argentina back to Israel surreptitiously to stand for trial for his crimes. The story went unnoticed because of the attention on the tsunami

Deadliest aviation accident in US remembered by reporter on the ground

Australian archbishop steps down after cover-up conviction

Pope to host more Chile abuse victims, 5 of them priests

Santa Fe mass murderer's father thinks he's the victim

Ocean search for man missing from cruise ship

White S. African farmers seek refuge in Australia

Florida city issues 'zombie' warning

Son of Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Plotting Terror Attacks After His Father Alerts FBI

Most common childhood cancer (acute leukemia) 'partly caused by lack of infection'

Little-Known Facts About 6 U.S. Bishops

Giant invasive flatworms found in France, French territories

Teen fined over $36 million, 2,000 hours of community service, 52 letters of apology  for sparking Oregon wildfire


Canada rescinding refugee status tor illegal border crossers

A quarter of American parents are unmarried as more people choose cohabitation over vows

‘I Went to Heaven’: Las Vegas Shooting Victim Describes ‘Out of Body’ Experience During Emotional Reunion With Hero Who Saved Her)

For first time in 226 years, woman to lead NYSE.

Many search for success, but never find it. What determines achievement or failure? 

Man wins over $6 million from four California Lottery tickets in 6 monthsl

The prophet Daniel, a eunuch in the palace of a pagan king. With God he overcame many obstacles


Past Headlines

Boko Haram Burned Pastor's Dad Alive for Choosing Bible Over Quran

LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark

Divine intervention: Church avoids flames from field blaze

Celebrity hairdresser lost it all, was hounded by demons, lived like an animal in the streets

Patience that never, ever quits

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Hundreds visit N.M. Hobbs church to witness ‘crying' Our Lady of Guadalupe statue Thx JS

This pope constantly assails the faithful for gossiping and participating in rumors, going so far to even warn convents several times. Yet the pope, himself,  deliberately makes his work the subject of such.  The rumors that have swept the world are speculations departing from Catholic doctrine in conversations which the pope takes care to ensure are closed and private. Thus, he can avoid renouncing any rumors (departures from doctrine).  Nefarious conduct for the Vicar of Christ.. There is a viper in the Vatican and it will NOT get better.    (No link)

Catholic News Agency comes out pro-homosexual in defense of pontiff's alleged comments  Read the unctuous, circuitous demonic logic in the blather

Authorities say a priest found two people having sex beneath a statue of the Virgin Mary at a Roman Catholic church in N.J..

Rattlesnake plunges from tree into kayak, then starts attacking the kayaker

In praise of Padre Pio's mother and her red peppers Thx JS

77-year-old driver in deadly N.J. crash had 14 license suspensions

Parents evict 30-year-old after he refused to leave home

MH370 search director disagrees with ditch theory

Muslim pilot crashed Malaysian Flight MH370 deliberately in pre-planned plot to kill everyone on board

Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late

Erdogan, Pope huddle over U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem  (No link)

May 13, 2018—Neta Barzilai from Israel wins the Eurovision songfest,   But the yearly Eurovision contest is big news in Israel, especially when an Israeli wins it—which hasn't happened since 1998. And since she won, this means that all the European nations must come to Israel for next year's contest. Both Neta and PM Netanyahu have declared their intention to host the event in Jerusalem. We'll see! Winning Eurovision is a big, big deal in Europe and the EU

5 Notable Failed End Times Prophecies

UN Human Rights Council Approves ‘War Crimes’ Probe Against Israel

Muslim Gazan brags that the true intentions of the riots on Israel’s border is the burning of Jews like Hitler did

It begins- New Swedish party organizes protest against Islamic call to prayer – Wants to stop Islamization  

Why Trump holds the cards in the meeting with N.K.

Commemorative coin struck for Trump-Kim summit

Don't count the chickens before they hatch and don't strike a coin before the summit.