Boko Haram Burned Pastor's Dad Alive for Choosing Bible Over Quran

‘I Went to Heaven’: Las Vegas Shooting Victim Describes ‘Out of Body’ Experience During Emotional Reunion With Hero Who Saved Her

Judicial Watch- 'Obama can still be impeached' (Impeached means "brought to trial" It does not mean kicked out of office)

For first time in 226 years, woman to lead NYSE

Passenger urinates on seat In front him; gropes woman next to him on Frontier flight   At least it wasn't in first class.

Many search for success, but never find it. What determines achievement or failure?

Gina Haspel sworn in as first woman to lead CIA

Suspect's lawyer looking into bullying reports

Heatstroke causes at least 65 deaths in Pakistan

ISIS Leaves Damascus In Evacuation Deal This leaves Syria in control of Damascus....or what's left of it

Man wins over $6 million from four California Lottery tickets in 6 months

Fr. James Martin proclaims the pope gay story with exultation

Pope's reported comment to a gay man may indicate a new level of acceptance of homosexual

Catholic News Agency comes out pro-homosexual in defense of pontiff's alleged comments  Read the unctuous, circuitous demonic logic in the blather

The prophet Daniel, a eunuch in the palace of a pagan king. With God he overcame many obstacles

Innocent priests also suffered in the abuse crisis

Pope laments 'hemorrhaging' of priests and nuns in Europe

Beyoncé Buys $850,000 Church in New Orleans Weeks After Controversial 'Beyoncé Mass'

NBC Cancels 'Extremely Liberal' Pro-LGBT TV Series 'Rise' After First Season


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LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark

Divine intervention: Church avoids flames from field blaze

Celebrity hairdresser lost it all, was hounded by demons, lived like an animal in the streets

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5 Notable Failed End Times Prophecies

UN Human Rights Council Approves ‘War Crimes’ Probe Against Israel

Muslim Gazan brags that the true intentions of the riots on Israel’s border is the burning of Jews like Hitler did

U.S. 7th-graders told to declare submission to Allah

Abbas is a pain in everyone’s neck, not just Israel’s

It begins- New Swedish party organizes protest against Islamic call to prayer – Wants to stop Islamization

Barack and Michelle Obama to produce content for Netflix

Bible for breakfast

Australian archbishop convicted of child sex abuse cover-up

Argentine priest sentenced to 25 years for child molestation

Chile Bishop apologizes after revelations of ignoring abuse allegations

Dems did 'more damage' to democracy than Russians 'ever contemplated' Read more

Commemorative coin struck for Trump-Kim summit

Don't count the chickens before they hatch and don't strike a coin before the summit.

Chilean bishop suspends 20% of his priests for involvement in child-abuse network

World’s Largest Geyser (in Yellowstone) is Mysteriously Erupting a Lot Lately

Deadly Nipah virus claims victims in India

Health care workers first to get Ebola vaccine in Congo outbreak

Man dies after falling into baggage level at San Francisco airport

Prayer urgency: The battle for Ireland

Trump To Ban Abortion Counseling at Federally Funded Clinics

DNA leads to arrest in Washington cold-case murder of young couple