Divine intervention: Church avoids flames from field blaze

Almost half of the 125 cardinals will now have been named by Francis as 14 new ones are named from 5 continents

Royal wedding 2018- Top moments

As if shacking up was not bad enough, the royal wedding an affront to the God asked to bless it

Love and fire: Inspiring Text of Michael Curry's royal wedding address

State Of The Art Israeli Smart Fence To Protect Future Israeli Airport

Israel thwarted terror attacks in more than 30 countries

Texas school gunman sang 'Another One Bites The Dust' each time he shot a victim, yelled 'Woo-hoo!', and played a Japanese World War II military anthem over and over during his rampage that left 10 dead and at least 13 injured

Image of Satanist Emerges From Santa Fe Shooting

Suspect in Texas school shooting was nondescript. But there were signs

Father fights off 4 armed robbers while holding a baby

Woman who tried to poison baby with breast milk sentenced

Doctor jailed for putting abortion drug in tea

'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Refuses to Dance to Vulgar 'Bisexual Anthem' Due to Christian Values

Hamas secures Egyptian humanitarian relief in return for dialing back protests Severely scolded by Egypt.

Hamas turns away truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid destined for Gaza

Does the Devil Make Us Do Things?  No but he is deeply involved in the opportunities we pray (beg?) not to be lead into.

Doctors Said This 6-Year-Old Girl Was “Brain Dead” After a Car Wreck, Now She’s Walking Again


Past Headlines

Celebrity hairdresser lost it all, was hounded by demons, lived like an animal in the streets

As expected, head roll as every Chilean bishop resigns including retired ones Pope accuses bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes, pressuring church lawyers to minimize accusations and of "grave negligence" in protecting children from pedophile priests.

Patience that never, ever quits

An exorcist explains how to heal the possessed

Mother’s healing smile

A look at the influence and importance of spiritual mothers in the lives of priests

Fatima and annihilation of nations. Four times this century a pope entrusted his concerns for the imperiled world to Mary and global evil was arrested shortly thereafter: Our Lady of Fatima has been there for us whether formally consecrated or not!

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"God telling me he was with me": Woman describes how she survived devastated floods in Ozark County

Francis affirms Chilean victim in his homosexuality

Small Business Owners: Internet Sales Tax ‘Devastating,’ ‘Would Put Us Out of Business’

20 Evangelical priests/ pastors killed in Cuban air crash

Catholic priest decries incessant kidnappings, killings in Nigeria

'God-Loving' Pastor Killed While Riding His Harley

9th Circuit refuses to toss Planned Parenthood lawsuit against undercover videos  

Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, advocate of the Traditional Mass, dies aged 88

Nazi Scientists’ Calls for Euthanasia and Sterilizations Laid the Foundation for the Holocaust

Why North Korea desperately needs a deal

God will bring change to North Korea, not Kim Jong-un

93% of migrant sex crimes in Finland are committed by migrants from Islamic countries

Priest explains why adultery is always ‘mortal sin,’ even when done in ‘good conscience’   Important. Please read and re-read (short)

Bishop Schneider: Catholics are called to combat heresy inside Church

A drilled ice core (from Greenland) reveals the economic health of the Roman Empire The more the lead, the healthier. In times of prosperity lot of lead in atmosphere from separating lead from silver ore