Patience that never, ever quits


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The first nation to recognize Israel as a nation was USSR, not the U.S.  It was unplanned and decades ago. Russia and Israel have had tenuous relations down through the years up to the present time.

Israel was 12 years old. Just as in a real Bar Mitzvah, peers and elders come to celebrate the rite of passage and conferring of manhood at around 12 years old. In Israel's case, her peers and elders were other nations and the scenario was the United Nations in 1960 where these nations were gathered: a divinely appropriate setting!

On this day, the assembly of nations were rebuking Israel for kidnapping Adolph Eichmann and trying him for crimes against Jewish humanity. They asserted this was a privilege only for recognized governments of established nations. Golda Meir, Israeli U.N. ambassador,  insisted that Israel had the right, responsibility, and sacred duty to undertake these actions and make them known at the highest levels on a world stage, and was therefore, a sovereign state for this reason.

To this, the USSR ambassador said in front of the entire assembly, that Israel should get up from her seat at the table of territories and unrecognized areas and move to the table of sovereign nations, which Israel did.  Recognition as a sovereign state is crucial to making treaties, trade and financial agreements. Thus, Israel  bar mitzvahed right on time, in the proper setting before legitimate stakes holders! 

In 2001 Ariel Sharon was ready to share Jerusalem in exchange for the right of Israel to exist. But even that was too much for the hate mongers. A mysterious semi-conscious state came over Sharon from which he never recovered and in which he died years later. .

Palestinians continue to curse Israel and in so doing have brought down a curse on themselves. As a group they have never amounted to more than a miserable, dependent rabble of grievance seekers and whiners .  A people set apart as truly vicious, excuse seekers, re-generating past hatreds. They will never become a nation due to their blood curse and hatred of Israel. Now, God has turned the curse around upon them as He does to those who curse Israel.  They will remain "homeless",  distrusted, despised and rejected by civilized nations.

Golda Meir was one the signer of Israel's Declaration of Independence, an original of copy of which was recently discovered last week just before Israel's 70th birthday. I carried the link on this website for days.

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