“Yoga expert: no part of Yoga can be separated from the philosophy behind it ”

How could anyone see the nation of Israel and not give glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

Israeli minister calls for assassination of Syria’s Ambassador using mass crematoria

FALLING AWAY: More Americans Now Believe Bible Is a Book of Fables, Not Literal Word of God

Is the brown scapular just a Catholic “lucky charm”?

What does IHS on a Crucifix mean?

How long is Jesus present in the Eucharist after we’ve received Communion?

Ruini Commission recommended that Medjugorje apparitions be approved as supernatural and converted to a shrine for the faithful.  Less favorable opinion on the current apparitions because they are daily and the content is "not significant"   Pope will render a decision this Summer after a pastoral report is presented by a Archbishop Hoser currently on site studying the apparitions.

Why younger women need older women as spiritual mentors

Francis was made bishop on the 75th anniversary of Fatima

The Fats of Life: Want to lose weight? Eat more salt

Priest arrested for allegedly helping mafia steal millions from migrant fund?

North Korea's Missile System or cyber destruction. N.K. thought to be a purveyor of both

How the Cyberattacks Fit Into End-Times Prophecies

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Photo Taken Just Moments After Fatal Car Accident Provided Grieving Family With Peace  Notice the vanishing point in the sky

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Blindness and Sin

In this family where the mother was a medium, all the men either died accidentally or suffered serious, disabling accidents

Fatima’s Other Miracle After the Sun Danced
Eyewitness, 92, says "God kept my mind sharp so I could relate this second miracle"

 Fatima at 100: Can a scientist take the Miracle of the Sun seriously?
To decide, in advance of any evidence, that miracles are impossible or never happen, is against the spirit of critical inquiry and is a counsel of despair. After all, if no miracles ever happen, then we are trapped in a world of natural powers, inadequate for our happiness, and doomed to individual and ultimately cosmic decay and death

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Crisis after WH Crisis. Robert Mueller, former FBI director, with impeccable credentials,  appointed special "counsel" for Russian involvement. Now White House can say, "No comment on a matter under investigation",  and WH aides don't have to hide from the press.  Link

Vlad to the rescue! Putin says he has transcript that PROVES Trump did not pass Russia any secrets and hits out at 'stupid' US politicians he says are trying to undermine President

Justice Alito to give graduation address at seminary

This is how much caffeine it takes to kill an average person

Who is Callista Gingrich? The woman set to be new Vatican ambassador

Why you should organize a reception for loved ones after a funeral

Do Hand Sanitizers Really Cut Down on Illness?  Yes, but so does washing with soap and water--anything else that interrupts the transmission chain

UN Agency Helps North Korea With Patent Application For Banned Nerve Gas Chemical-

14-Y-O Graduates From Texas Christian University With Physics Major, Double Minor in Math, Chinese

Has Pope Francis established a commission  for the revision of Paul VI encyclical,  "Humanae Vitae" ?

The Secret to Raising Honest, Obedient, and Holy Children

7 Ways To Pray If Someone You Love Is Stuck In Sin

How Our Lady of Fatima made a special trip to help a favorite son who was thoroughly devoted to her Fatima messages

This priory of Carmelite nuns was about to close permanently for lack of a single vocation in years until a nun from another community mentioned her coming trip to Medjugorje  ...several more communities have now opened