In this family where the mother was a medium, all the men either died accidentally or suffered serious, disabling accidents

Pope Francis offers “Golden Rose” to Our Lady of Fatima a gift given only by popes

Fr. John Hardon  once said - the single unifying feature of the 40,000-plus Protestant denominations is their rejection of the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.  (No link)

Why God leaves some things unresolved

NJ Teacher Fired for Giving Student a Bible Gets Job Back

North Korea launches a new unidentified missile --but not a ICBM

N.Korea claims sovereign right to ruthlessly punish detained Americans

University Hires Tattletales to Turn Students In for "Bias". The Orwellian position is called “Social Justice Advocates.”

US and China announce deal aimed at reducing trade gap

New Ebola epidemic (in Congo) announced on the eve of Fatima anniversary  9 cases 3 deaths

Driver drowns in his car after hitting fire hydrant  

‘Self-Marriage’ Movement Growing Relationship Trend Across Country

Superior General strongly criticizes Belgian order’s decision to allow euthanasia in care homes 

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Pilgrims at Medjugorje

On flight back from Fatima, Pope Francis says he has doubts about Medjugorje

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Fatima’s Other Miracle After the Sun Danced
Eyewitness, 92, says "God kept my mind sharp so I could relate this second miracle"

 Fatima at 100: Can a scientist take the Miracle of the Sun seriously?
To decide, in advance of any evidence, that miracles are impossible or never happen, is against the spirit of critical inquiry and is a counsel of despair. After all, if no miracles ever happen, then we are trapped in a world of natural powers, inadequate for our happiness, and doomed to individual and ultimately cosmic decay and death

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BVM on August 1917, “Due to the wicked man,” she said, meaning the magistrate, “the miracle promised for October 13, will be less magnificent than first intended.”.  This and other  omitted details of the generic apparition narrative noted by a priest in 1947

Living in the Age of Fatima: World Events that took place, fulfilled prophecy The Fatima visionaries are the youngest saints ever canonized who are not martyrs

Confused about what the 3 secrets of Fatima were? Read this

Self-taught web geek hailed a hero for foiling attack that used stolen NSA spy weapon and wreaked havoc in 99 countries

Donald and Melania Trump plan to send their young son, Barron, to the prestigious St. Andrew's Episcopal School in suburban Maryland, according to reports

Atlanta Theater Features 'Gay Bible Stories'

Dalai Lama Prays to Help Nancy Pelosi Overcome Her Negative Attitude

Bin Laden’s Son looking to avenge father as Al-Qaeda ‘Stronger than Ever’…

Police chief killed in Ohio was father of 6

Ohio nursing home gunman had history of violence, records show

Tuesday was a VERY bad day for Hillary Clinton

Lesser Known but great mothers of the Old Testament

More proof a man can never become a woman