Fatima’s Other Miracle After the Sun Danced
Eyewitness, 92, says "God kept my mind sharp so I could relate this second miracle"

New Ebola epidemic (in Congo) announced on the eve of Fatima anniversary  9 cases 3 deaths

Driver drowns in his car after hitting fire hydrant

8 Arab princesses go on trial for cruelty in Belgium

Rebellion grows against Muslim indoctrination in U.S.  schools

‘Self-Marriage’ Movement Growing Relationship Trend Across Country

N.Korea claims sovereign right to ruthlessly punish detained Americans

Superior General strongly criticizes Belgian order’s decision to allow euthanasia in care homes

Based upon the paths they are taking across constellations with names from ancient Akkadian, Arabic  peoples of  Abraham's time,  speculation is that these 3 comets, currently visible  at dawn, signify imminent judgment  (God's irony that they are Arabic names!)

Don't Call Me Caitlyn- Baby Name Plunges in Popularity

Four Dead, Including Police Chief And Suspect, After Shooting At Ohio Nursing Home

Hospital computers across England shut down by cyber attack, Hackers demand ransom

Philippines moves troops, supplies to disputed S. China Sea island claimed by Beijing

Mother Reunited with Daughter 52 Years Later – Prayed Every Day!

70-year mystery of Mary's flowers continues in Little Chute, Wis.

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Fatima at 100: Can a scientist take the Miracle of the Sun seriously?
To decide, in advance of any evidence, that miracles are impossible or never happen, is against the spirit of critical inquiry and is a counsel of despair. After all, if no miracles ever happen, then we are trapped in a world of natural powers, inadequate for our happiness, and doomed to individual and ultimately cosmic decay and death

Francis smashes thousands of year of Catholic teaching, refuses to respond to the dubia or receive cardinals outside of his inner circle of 9 on the issue, often jokes that he may cause a "schism".  Then gives a stunning, hypocritical homily on “rigidity” for the ordination of 8 seminarians

In a metaphor for our sad times, Barack Obama, relentless, unrestrained abortion agent, even in houses of religious orders, won a Nobel Peace Prize and on Monday accepted the “Profiles in Courage" award . The year of his Nobel this unrecognized woman with mountainous  courage was also a candidate.  She saved 2,500 children in Warsaw during the war refusing to give up her secret under torture   FALLING AWAY: Cuba Hosts First “Transgender Mass”

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