Fatima at 100: Can a scientist take the Miracle of the Sun seriously?
To decide, in advance of any evidence, that miracles are impossible or never happen, is against the spirit of critical inquiry and is a counsel of despair. After all, if no miracles ever happen, then we are trapped in a world of natural powers, inadequate for our happiness, and doomed to individual and ultimately cosmic decay and death.

Top Vatican Astronomer Challenges Stephen Hawking’s Atheistic Beliefs

10 Little Known Facts about Einstein

70-year mystery of Mary's flowers continues in Little Chute, Wis.

Escape from ISIS: Two Iraqi boys recount the horrors of captivity

For those whose dreams won’t seem to come true, here’s a saint for you

Practicing Homosexuals Receive Holy Communion In Ireland

Bishop to radical LGBT conference: Morality is about ‘dignity,’ not ‘rules’

Some saints ‘were probably gay’: Pro-gay Vatican advisor! How could they be saints?

In Venezuela, garbage dumps have become places to eat

Patient has the most severe reaction possible to her medicine, just short of death, called Stevens-Johnson's Syndrome

Female hiker, lost for 6 day in Montana walking her dog is rescued alive after incredible fight for survival

Mother's Day 2017: Ten Best Bible Verses for Cards, Gifts

Elderly couple married for 62 years die together while holding hands

Three Ways You Can Find Hope After You Have ‘Wasted Your Life’

The widow of an Egyptian Christian killed during ISIS' Palm Sunday bombings has revealed that prior to her husband's death, he predicted he would be soon be among the "martyrs in heaven".

Don't screen for thyroid cancer, task force says. Most people have harmless "cancerous" lumps on the thyroid

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Francis smashes thousands of year of Catholic teaching, refuses to respond to the dubia or receive cardinals outside of his inner circle of 9 on the issue, often jokes that he may cause a "schism".  Then gives a stunning, hypocritical homily on “rigidity” for the ordination of 8 seminarians

In a metaphor for our sad times, Barack Obama, relentless, unrestrained abortion agent, even in houses of religious orders, won a Nobel Peace Prize and on Monday accepted the “Profiles in Courage" award . The year of his Nobel this unrecognized woman with mountainous  courage was also a candidate.  She saved 2,500 children in Warsaw during the war refusing to give up her secret under torture 

FALLING AWAY: Cuba Hosts First “Transgender Mass”

Joy as 82 kidnapped CHRISTIAN Nigerian schoolgirls are reunited with their families THREE YEARS after being abducted by Boko Haram

The No. 1 Reason Depression Is on the Rise

The amazing church moved by the hand of God

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We’re in danger of overlooking the most important part of Fatima

What was Sr. Lucia's advice after Fatima visions? Pray. Everyday.

Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, and Fatima

A personal look at Fatima's saintly Sister Lucia

FALLING AWAY: 61% of Practicing Christians Agree With Some ‘New Spirituality’ Beliefs

81 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Concerned About Declining Moral Behavior In Our Nation’

New strong devotion to Santa Muerte by Mexican transgenders is blamed on the Catholic Church Muerte accepts them; the Church doesn't

What did Comey in: sought more resources for Russia probe

Deputy AG developed case to fire Comey 'on his own'

Pastor's Home Vandalized After He Opposed NJ Mosque Construction

7 Refugees On Trial For Setting Homeless Man On Fire While They Watched and Laughed On Christmas

After getting rid of border checks Sweden sees massive increase in asylum seekers

Israel requested and Trump agrees not to move embassy at this time

Ancient Tablet Points to Existence of Tower of Babel—Is It the Biblical Tower Mentioned in Genesis?

More proof a man can never become a woman

How God’s love melted the heart of a Russian spy

Why Everything We Know About Dietary Salt May Be Wrong