The Fourth Joyful Mystery: The Presentation.
A very rich, significant, rewarding article
exploring the apparitions Our Lady of Good Success (Quito, 16th Century) and bringing us HOPE for today.  Focus will be the expanding Church crisis matched against God's secret designs for rescue. Designs revealed by the Virgin in which Satan will be crushed, despite expanding terrible sins of impurity in the Church and in the world. For these reasons it will be retained as a headline for several days -- Thx JL

Earthquake swarm hits El Salvador, Destroys 11 homes and damages 200

Landslides kill 18 in Rwanda, death toll at 200 since January

A Daughter Finds Healing Forgiving Her Mother

Solomon’s Wives  In my opinion, the 700 wives of Solomon is also a prophetic picture of Christianity's many gentile brides (which sprang from Catholicism).

San Diego parish priest sentenced for seducing woman seeking spiritual help

Erie bishop says he learned of predatory priest in January; AG says diocese knew since 2010

Two Franciscan friars plead guilty to endangering children in Pennsylvania by allowing contact with suspected pedophile priest

Decades-long hunt for missing girls leads to Michigan farm 

Fla. Man with felony record shot his neighbor's cat and then fatally shot responding deputy in the head

Man targeting wife shoots and kills 3 others

Piers Morgan rips ‘offensive fiasco’ at Met Gala: ‘What the hell was the Vatican thinking?’

Pope assigns Vatican office to promote women's participation

5 Chilling Medical Dramas

"Truly amazing"- Couple weds days after crocodile bites off bride's arm

Man mauled to death trying to take selfie with an injured bear Dumb!

Leopard kills child in Uganda park negligent supervision of child

Man will completely recover after his heart stops working for 18 hours

Hail and thunderstorms- Unseasonal weather continues in Israel

Major Kabbalist Says Unusual Rains Sign Messiah is Imminent

This 3D skin printer may replace skin grafts

After Kentucky Derby winning jockey's first word leave the world stunned

7 Sanctuaries linked by a straight line: The legendary Sword of St. Michael

The image, taken by Paulette Osborne, shows a group of people around a fire at an Easter Sunday vigil on March 31 at Fargo's Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Past Headlines

A Dying Mother, A Rosary, And A Son

A life first lived apart from God. Then a rescue

Of Mice and Men – Pondering the Strange Loss of Faith in an Age of Science

Scientists have created a living synthetic embryo  without using either egg or sperm in ground-breaking but hugely controversial experiments
A huge step toward human cloning

Demonic infestations Foolish paranormal investigators give their consent for attacks when "investigating" manifestations (and many are attacked, even possessed). Tattoos: avoid them because for demons they can be both consent and a flagrant advertisement. In Leviticus God did not make exceptions. Some responsible occupations forbid it such as military officers and clerics. Also, the artist can curse the work, regardless of the image. A former high wizard in a satanic church converted through the miraculous intervention of the Blessed Mother

Archeological Dig Beneath St. Peter’s Found 2000-Year-Old Bones of Man Crucified Upside Down

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Trump says Secretary Pompeo is returning to the U.S. with three American prisoners released from North Korea

Jesuit anti-violence priest continues to embarrassr Was jailed for taking a hammer to a Air Force bomber

Two Franciscan friars plead guilty to endangering children in Pennsylvania

New Ebola outbreak hits DR Congo 17 dead (News varies as to 2 or 17 dead)

Yellow fever threatens South Florida after Zika scare

Liberals like to pretend Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims who do kill are simply aberrations — the few and far between. But fact is: Those who don’t follow Islam face the greatest threats in Muslim countries, where their very lives are in daily danger simply because of their religious beliefs  The fact hat Jesus Christ is appearing and working s conversion almost daily is miraculous, in fact, and end-times event.

Some Texas parishes are offering IDs to illegal aliens

Forged permissions for unwanted credit cards, over charged for loan and application, and now endangered a family's life Wells Fargo strikes again

Volcano eruption fears as almost 300 earthquakes rock Canaries 

Coastal Carolina forecasters say at least one hurricane to make landfall on East Coast

Trump Predicted The Fall Of New York AG In 2013: ‘Wait And See’

Woman's runny nose turns out to be brain fluid leak

Cardinal Eijk: Pope’s response to German bishops ‘incomprehensible’ Quotes end times catechism passage describes the activities of the anti-Christ  (Thx FM).  Read more at the Catholic Register

Spirit cooking which emphasizes faux cannibalism??

John McCain Doesn't Want Trump at His Funeral, Wants Obama as Eulogist Instead 

Former Australian detective, 86, lost pension and driven out of the police force in 1972 when he tried to bring a pedophile priest to justice, gets his pension and an apology

Boy shot in head by mother in Montfort continues miraculous recovery