Joy as 82 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are reunited with their families THREE YEARS after being abducted by Boko Haram

Burns victims are making incredible recoveries thanks to a revolutionary ‘gun’ that sprays stem cells made from their existing skin on to burn wounds healing burn wounds in days without terrible scaring

Hundreds rescued as police smash international pedophile ring

Nepal man, 85, dies trying to become oldest Everest climber

18,000 Cattle Dead After Extreme Flash Flooding in Kenya

Malcontent atheist group  asking a federal judge to strike down   latest executive order protecting religious freedoms

History of the Ouija board including the creepy death of the first manufacturer.  It was invented as a game to facilitate seances

Another Jewish mystic identifies North Korea as the prophesized "Gog" and Kim Jong Un as "Magog" War will spread across the world then after "peace" 3rd Temple will be built

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M532 and its satellite galaxies

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When Padre Pio Bilocated to a Communist Dungeon

Those Jesuits praying the rosary at ground zero, Hiroshima were spared in 1945. Those praying the rosary in the direct path of Typhoon Yolanda  were spared in 2014
The message of Yolanda is the same as that of Fatima, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah with his ark, and of the entire Old Testament – return to the Lord and receive His mercy, abandon Him and receive His wrath. The Lord of Mercy is the Lord of Wrath.

A cautionary tale about yoga

‘Figure of Jesus’ appears above Colombian city wiped out by giant landslide

 A daily communicant for years, this one Mass is the one she remembered (and you would to) 

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‘Alarming’ rise in children hospitalized with suicidal thoughts or actions

More details on Nun is arrested for helping five priests 'sexually abuse' dozens of deaf children at Argentinian Catholic school 

Depression rates are low among those who help others

Ominous: ISIS Cautions Muslims to Stay Away From Christian Meetings

L Learning how to pray this Christocentric Marian prayer  central to the revelations of Fatima

The Forgotten Message of the Fatima Angel that Came Before Mary

All About the 100th Anniversary of Fatima

Fatima’s prophetic message connects Satanic attacks on Jewish people, the Church and the unborn

Emory University to pay ‘100 percent’ of the financial need of students in country illegally 

List of Obamacare Taxes Repealed

Vatican to  investigate Belgian order’s decision to allow euthanasia in its hospitals