Scientists have created a living synthetic embryo  without using either egg or sperm in ground-breaking but hugely controversial experiments
A huge step toward human cloning

Kilauea erupts! Ten thousand are ordered to evacuate as Hawaii volcano spews fountains of lava 150ft skywards, releases deadly gas and cracks streets in half after more than 250 quakes rock the Big Island

White House ‘Can’t Confirm’ Validity of North Korea Prisoner Release…

North Korea Will Open Its Doors to Christianity As Part of The Peace Deal 

On the trail of a U.S. priest killer

5 Phases of Sin You Need to Watch For

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Boots Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski

A May 3 executive order created a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, intended protect religious freedom Stop Treasury Dept. from harassing  religions over what is said from the pulpit

Cardinal Wants Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication because condemnation of homosexual acts is “no longer sustainable”.  Wants to reverse the Church's 'rigid thinking' on the matter?

'Philippine Francis' Cd. Tagle orders churches to ring bells against the president

Pope wants intercommunion proposal of German bishops unanimous (Currently at 80%)

Human feces found on N. J. high school track "on a daily basis"; suspect is a school superintendent

House chaplain wins job back after scalding letter to Ryan

Brinks truck drops hundreds of thousands of dollars on Indiana highway And a lot of people stopped to pick it up.

As Archaeologists Uncover The Lost Biblical City Of Eglon Where Israel Was Held Captive For Their Disobedience End Times Bombshell?

Soros-funded phone app helps illegals avoid feds

Retired priest's invasion of privacy conviction reversed

Daily Prayer to the Blessed Virgin for the Month of May

When Padre Pio prayed for someone, he used this powerful prayer

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Demonic infestations Foolish paranormal investigators give their consent for attacks when "investigating" manifestations (and many are attacked, even possessed). Tattoos: avoid them because for demons they can be both consent and a flagrant advertisement. In Leviticus God did not make exceptions. Some responsible occupations forbid it such as military officers and clerics. Also, the artist can curse the work, regardless of the image.

A former high wizard in a satanic church converted through the miraculous intervention of the Blessed Mother

Archeological Dig Beneath St. Peter’s Found 2000-Year-Old Bones of Man Crucified Upside Down

Who's paying for the border caravan? Call it the George Soros Express

Short and very good messianic prophetic study from Micah: The Man From Eternity

The Saints and Their Angels- Examples of Angelic Friendship

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Spectacular miracle of healing  ‘incurable’ cancer

Iranians Were ‘Right on Their Tail’ Before Mossad Agents Escaped Iran (Think of the great movie this would make)

Recognizing evil by its subtle, destructive power

Nobel literature prize won't be awarded this year

Sex act on altar by man in priest vestments is caught on camera (Ireland)

Christian legal group representing the Alfie Evans family to be investigated

Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over

Night of Blood: Muslim migrants go on murderous stabbing spree in Milan, Italy

Dozens of illegals caught in Texas ... after coming from ISIS recruiting grounds ISIS-inspired attack foiled at Texas mall

DACA: Pelosi and Schumer scored a BIG LOSS Touble looms for unrestrained immigration as Federal Judge Hansen get the DACA case

New kind of ‘Palestinian’ terrorism – firebomb kites – sows fear in Israel

10 Horror Houses That Really Existed

NBC- Survivor of Pulse Nightclub massacre ‘says he is no longer gay’, has found Christ

Holy Spirit steered former tour bus driver to priesthood

Mexican beauty queen makes 'radical' move to religious life

How to Save Your Own Life What to do in life threating situations

Online patient reviews (Yelp) good predictor of hospital quality

Mosquito spraying the cause of many bee deaths

Cardinal Marx likes Karl Marx. The Magisterium had condemns his errors  Relax the rigid thinking on communism?