Porn Star Broke Down and Begged God to Show Her That He’s Real. What Happened Next Totally Changed Her

“Matt (Walsh), You call yourself a Christian but you have no compassion. The Jesus I believe in just wants people to be compassionate towards each other. We are not told to be judgmental to others because of who they love or what lifestyle they choose to have or what gender they identify as. Who are you to say what is wrong or right? We shouldn’t be focused on talking about “sin” or telling other people that they might be going to Hell. You have no right to say what a “sin” is. Our job is to be compassionate to all! Compassionate isn’t when you’re judging or telling other people about their sins. I pray that you realize the error of your ways.”  Matt Walsh (The Blaze) responds

Pope Francis approves miracle attributed to American Capuchin, Fr. Solanus Casey

The saint who died rather than give up his rosary

Killed by her stalker at University of Texas

7 bounty hunters shot at wrong car in Tennessee Wal-Mart parking lot; kill innocent father of 3

Amazing couple adopts 6 siblings to keep them all together

Franklin Graham Claims Christians in America Are ‘Persecuted’ by LGBT Agenda

The Madonna of the bombs

‘Man in white’ appeared in vision, brought healing, urged Muslim to read the Bible

Will Discovery of Alien Life Shake Religions to their Core?  It shouldn't. Even if the alien life is intelligent, that does not mean it has a spiritual dimension or access to eternal life. God says he died for men not other life forms. And He was born on this world as a man.   Men are special and unique. Sin deforms them.

This incident demonstrates why "we need a school voucher system" or "why you should not have your kids in public education."  Link

The Miracle of Fr. Ronald Pytel

This is the anniversary for the finding of the cross

Beautiful prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

Pray to St Joseph, a powerful intercessor

‘Passion of the Christ’ actor on sequel film- ‘There is a purpose in my life again’

10 Small daily acts that can guarantee you a happier life

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A statue of Mary is seen in the ruins of St. John the Evangelist Church in Emory, Texas, April 30 after a tornado hit the area a day earlier. (CNS photo | courtesy Diocese of Tyler. Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed. Everyone felt calm and comforted during the tornadic siege, another miracle Link

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Man now attempting to create synthetic human DNA

‘Don’t Judge’ — How to Respond When Your Relativistic Friend Quotes Jesus

When Padre Pio Bilocated to a Communist Dungeon

Those Jesuits praying the rosary at ground zero, Hiroshima were spared in 1945. Those praying the rosary in the direct path of Typhoon Yolanda  were spared in 2014
The message of Yolanda is the same as that of Fatima, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah with his ark, and of the entire Old Testament – return to the Lord and receive His mercy, abandon Him and receive His wrath. The Lord of Mercy is the Lord of Wrath.

A cautionary tale about yoga

‘Figure of Jesus’ appears above Colombian city wiped out by giant landslide

 A daily communicant for years, this one Mass is the one she remembered (and you would to) 

Divine Mercy Testimonies

Significance of the angels in rending the holy veil Postscript to Holy Week 

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Prince Philip is to completely retire from royal duties aged 95  Buckingham Palace announces after top-secret emergency meeting with royal staff 

Staff from all the estates and castles across Britain were summoned to secret meeting. IMO, this is a cover for another grave concern, perhaps security threat to the royal family. In this year of Fatima, some in the royal family will rise, others will fall. When this happens it will mark the start of apocalyptic event(s). The year 1917 marked the end of a war. 2017 will mark the beginning ... This is opinion, not prophecy.

Australian mother won't stand trial for killing 8 children

Crowdfunding isn’t for medical care. Medical care is so expensive, citizens are forced to use crowdfunding. What a disgrace to the nation!

All About the 100th Anniversary of Fatima

Fatima’s prophetic message connects Satanic attacks on Jewish people, the Church and the unborn

Denver archbishop: Gender-confused girls, gay leaders can’t be part of our Boy Scout troops

Nancy Pelosi Blames Clinton’s Loss on Pro-Lifers: “Anti-Choicers. That’s How Trump Got to be President”

Woman Forgives, Helps Teen Who Shot Her Get Out of Prison

One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born

Priest charged with embezzlement over $100,000 including church funds

Germany: Muslim migrant murders convert from Islam to Christianity in front of her children

Study: Muslim Migrants Become Less Integrated the Longer They Stay

North Korean ghost ships filled with the Dead wash ashore in Japan

North Korea Threatens China With "Grave Consequences" Over "Betrayal"

Catholic bishops to re-consecrate Canada to Mary on July 1

Bros. of Charity leadership condemn euthanasia approved in their own hospitals in Belgium

Dublin hospital owned by Sisters of 'Charity' will commit abortions

As Israel marks Independence Day, Hamas issues new and threatening charter

UN Declares Israel an “occupying power” in Jerusalem on Israel’s 69th Anniversary