‘Don’t Judge’ — How to Respond When Your Relativistic Friend Quotes Jesus

In rare new message, Benedict XVI warns of ‘dangerous situation’ with radical atheism and radical Islam

Prayers answered
God restores pastor’s health, ministry

Drifting surfer saved after 30 hours at sea

The Miracle of Fr. Ronald Pytel

How viruses beat a superbug — and saved a man after 9 months of near-certain death Amazing but technology, not prayers.

Tornado Carrying Mobile Home 130 Miles From Oklahoma To Kansas With Family?  The victim is "Dorothy".

Baby born with the holy stigmata in the Philippines?

Protestant visions demanding repentance NOW

One day before the May 13 celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be visiting the United Nations

NJ child molester priest and self-proclaimed exorcist,  rejects plea deal in second sex crime case

Pray to St Joseph, a powerful intercessor

1 May: Feast of the Prophet St. Jeremiah

Belgian Brothers Of Charity, Catholic Psychiatric Hospitals To Provide Euthanasia

Statue of Jesus 'moves head' during Mass in Mexico.  "He wants to tell us something"  Presiding priest gives a reasonable natural explanation for the movement.

Maverick Archaeologist Warns Of Potential “Killer Comet” In 2030.  Same body struck Earth 13,000 year ago.  Comet strike confirmed but will the future  strike be from the same source?

Couple dies, holding hands, days after 77th wedding anniversary

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A statue of Mary is seen in the ruins of St. John the Evangelist Church in Emory, Texas, April 30 after a tornado hit the area a day earlier. (CNS photo | courtesy Diocese of Tyler. Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed. Everyone felt calm and comforted during the tornadic siege, another miracle Link

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When Padre Pio Bilocated to a Communist Dungeon

Those Jesuits praying the rosary at ground zero, Hiroshima were spared in 1945. Those praying the rosary in the direct path of Typhoon Yolanda  were spared in 2014
The message of Yolanda is the same as that of Fatima, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah with his ark, and of the entire Old Testament – return to the Lord and receive His mercy, abandon Him and receive His wrath. The Lord of Mercy is the Lord of Wrath.

A cautionary tale about yoga

‘Figure of Jesus’ appears above Colombian city wiped out by giant landslide

 A daily communicant for years, this one Mass is the one she remembered (and you would to) 

Divine Mercy Testimonies

Significance of the angels in rending the holy veil Postscript to Holy Week 

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Drugged driving surpasses drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes, report finds

Scientists carry out full head transplant on rats

Dallas paramedic shot while responding to shooting

Serious turbulence breaks three babies' spines on Aeroflot flight to Bangkok

U.S. top court rejects challenge to 'gay conversion' therapy

Popular homeschooling resource, Khan Academy, quietly promotes LGBT to children

‘Passion of the Christ’ actor on sequel film- ‘There is a purpose in my life again’

‘It Was An Invasion’: How Hungary Erased Illegal Immigration In Just A Few Months

Teen graduating from college before getting high school diploma in wonderful new program

Scholarships for illegals would be funded by higher student fees at Catholic university  Is this reasonable? Let students vote to increase their fees for this cause. More costs means the difference for some students citizens not getting to go to college.

Kansas City archdiocese breaks with Girl Scouts, tied to Big Business Abortion provider Planned Parenthood

10 Small daily acts that can guarantee you a happier life

Rebel Catholic group defies church, ordains woman priest in NC

Elderly abandoned at roadsides and cemeteries in Myanmar

The Russian prince who brought the Gospel to Pennsylvania