Who's paying for the border caravan? Call it the George Soros Express

Unforgettable, transforming story of scandalous mercy from Spirit Daily

Trump says he's been proved '100% right' as Iran's secret nuclear weapons program is revealed by Netanyahu: Israeli PM presents documents that 'prove Tehran has been hiding A-bomb ambitions'  

Jesus the homeless:  sculpture unveiled outside UK church

Woman Comes Back to Life with a Message

He was tricked into selling his soul to the devil as a terrified child

Four priests accused of sexual abuse served at one Buffalo-area parish

Philippine priest shot dead after mass; national investigation to be started

Australian judge to rule on whether cardinal stands trial

5 Things You Should Know About the Armenian Christian Genocide

10 Israeli students killed by flash floods while hiking in Judean desert

Christians in Nigeria suffered a second mass-scale slaughter in the space of a few days

Suspected jihadists kill 40 civilians in Mali

U.S. Catholic bishops strongly oppose travel ban but this website believes cessation of resettlement money has little to do with it.

A report commissioned by the German government found that newly-arrived asylum seekers were behind more than 90% percent of the increase in violent crimes in the state of Lower Saxony.

Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announces parish reductions

Woman paralyzed from neck down writes book using eyes only

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Short and very good messianic prophetic study from Micah: The Man From Eternity

The Saints and Their Angels- Examples of Angelic Friendship

Anarchy looms in Nigeria, constitution now suspended
Calls for international help to prevent mass killings

Angel in the Night. Little girl experiences a terrifying and glorious miracle

The psychopath: They reject God's grace and fall in love with evil 
Their brain anatomy may differ but they all recognize and enjoy evil. They are the human face of Satan but worse than Satan because Satan must get divine permission to act. Psychopaths have free will to do what ever they want and will increasingly, through life, plan the course of the most suffering for their victims.

The Incredible Story of Our Lady of Genazzano

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Mystery Group Of “Wealthy Donors” And Soros Spends $50 Million For “Private Trump-Russia Investigation”

'The Hand of God': US Christian Leaders in Israel Say Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Move Is a Path to Blessing

Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korean President Moon for helping to broker an end to hostilities with Kim Jong-un and a 'complete denuclearization'

A couple have become Britain’s oldest new parents of a newborn infant— only to have their baby taken from them by social services   Surrogate mother used

Daycare operators in DC told: Get college degree or new job

Museum discovers half its collection are fakes

New Fukushima nightmare for Japan utility

Their Country Is Being Invaded’: Exodus of Venezuelans Overwhelms Northern Brazil (and Columbia)

Top 15 Catholic websites

Alfie revealed the silent, creeping pro-euthanasia movement in the Church also  

When you need the power of prayer, turn here  thx TO

Four Powerful Prayers for the Tired and Weary Soul

The Alfie Evans tragedy bodes badly for mankind

Archbishop of S.F.: ‘Worst Thing We Can Do…Is to Soften or Downplay the Hard Parts of Our Faith’  Don't you wish this was a  sermon in all of the Catholic pulpits of the world?