The Saints and Their Angels- Examples of Angelic Friendship

Archbishop of S.F.: ‘Worst Thing We Can Do…Is to Soften or Downplay the Hard Parts of Our Faith’  Don't you wish this was a l sermon in all of the Catholic pulpits of the world?

Chicago- As much as $100,000 taken from collection plate at Holy Name Cathedral, police say

Bill Cosby- The rise of fall of America's favorite television 'family man'

Mamma Mia! ABBA make new music after 35 years

Woman paralyzed from neck down writes book using eyes only

Kim Jong Un bringing own toilet to Koreas summit. 'The leader's excretions contain information about his health status so they can't be left behind'

Otto Warmbier's family sues North Korea

A man with a knife killed seven schoolchildren and wounded 12 others as they were leaving their school in northern China

Ryan seeks to defend ouster of House chaplain, as members question his motives

Vatican- Pope meets Chile victims in climate of 'reparation'

Montana Diocese reaches $20M settlement with abuse victims

Iran's Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against U.S.  Would you cave to Europe and give Iran the bomb??

Israel and NK trade remarks with NK threatening Israel with "merciless punishment" for calling Kim a "madman"

World War 3- Turkey’s Erdogan calls for ‘ARMY of Islam’ to ATTACK Israel on all sides Turkey needs to be kicked out of NATO

New embassy quarter to be built in Jerusalem, could be called ‘Trump Town’


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Anarchy looms in Nigeria, constitution now suspended
Calls for international help to prevent mass killings

Prophecy, which reveals God's plan in advance, is the missing element in all sacred scriptures of the world's religions, because false gods cannot provide it. Prophecy is not to be found in the Koran, the Hindu Vedas, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Book of Mormon, the sayings of Buddha, the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. In contrast, prophecy comprises about 30 percent of the Bible. . Excerpted from

Angel in the Night. Little girl experiences a terrifying and glorious miracle

The psychopath: They reject God's grace and fall in love with evil 
Their brain anatomy may differ but they all recognize and enjoy evil. They are the human face of Satan but worse than Satan because Satan must get divine permission to act. Psychopaths have free will to do what ever they want and will increasingly, through life, plan the course of the most suffering for their victims.

The Miracle of the Kiddush Cup 
After almost being wiped out, the population of Israel is 8.7 million.  Interesting that the Jews most likely to have survived the holocaust were very  family oriented and wanted more than anything to raise that family in Israel s

The religious bombshell undermining Catholic beliefs

The Incredible Story of Our Lady of Genazzano

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How the case broke: Cops using GEDmatch genealogy website to hunt the Golden State killer were led to the a man in a Oregon nursing home. After a DNA test, he was ruled out The daughter, an amateur genealogist, provided a family tree leading to DeAngelo. 

FBI agent thinks 'Golden State Killer' is perfect profile of a serial killer

When you need the power of prayer, turn here  thx TO

Couple accused of enslaving girl for 16 years – until neighbors helped

Evans baby dies

The Alfie Evans tragedy bodes badly for mankind

Alfie’s Law? Charlie Gard’s parents announce new campaign to change protocol

London- Homicides up 44%, robbery up 36%, knife crime up 21%, rape up 18.39% Alfie should be in the homicide stat

Four Powerful Prayers for the Tired and Weary Soul

1200 year old manuscript of Koran copied over ancient New Testament texts

Who wrote the Qur’an?

Seriously, is there something to baking soda? Drinking baking soda could be an inexpensive, safe way to combat autoimmune disease

A report commissioned by the German government found that newly-arrived asylum seekers were behind more than 90% percent of the increase in violent crimes in the state of Lower Saxony.

Enzyme that affects ageing, cancer (Telomerase) decoded: study

Drinkers have more bad mouth bacteria, study finds. (Thus worst gum disease and dental problems )