Significance of the angels in rending the holy veil
Postscript to Holy Week 

 by Judy Gassett

What This Rabbi Predicted 22 Years Ago About N. Korea’s Role In the End-Time Will Shock You

Entire Senate called to White House for North Korea briefing

Japan warns citizens only have 10 mins to prepare for missile…

My Conversion to Divine Mercy

Woman’s moving story goes viral, $100,000 in donations pour in

 What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?

Illegal Brutally Rapes and Murders 33-Year-Old Woman in “Sanctuary County” Do the supervisors of this county care when another innocent American is murdered in her own home?  A small price to pay to keep the globalist train steaming ahead?  Criminal rights over Americans'? The authorities who decided not to obey the law  should be sued all the way to SCOTUS.

Christian Baker Not Backing Down After Gov’t Punishes Him for Refusing to Make Gay Wedding Cake

Does ISIS represent a perversion of Islam or its very embodiment? 66% of material contained within Quranic doctrine calls for violence directed at non-believers.  Please read. Important. “Americans must begin to learn the truth about Islam. It is not a religion by any Western standard, but is instead a violent political ideology that hides behind religion to justify the slaughter of those who do not submit,”

40 to 60 juveniles swarm BART in S.F. and rob passengers

Outrage After At Least 5 EU Nations Elect Saudi Arabia On UN Women’s Rights Council

Catholic scientists converge in Chicago to ask big questions

When the Little Flower was healed of a deadly disease !

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Stoned by terrorists, Christians saved by a lions

Finding Peace In The Storm And Receiving A Miraculous Healing

Incredible story NDE: Hostile tribe’s chief died, was then raised long enough to testify about Jesus

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A hero who stopped an out-of-control bus experiences a miracle of God's love on the holiest of holidays.

Did God give a 9-year-old boy a vision of the future of America?

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Plastic-eating wax worm 'extremely exciting' for global pollution crisis Wax worms found in bee hives. They were removed but ate the plastic bags they were put in

Four nuns form a band with possibly the best name ever.  Force of Habit, a band led by nuns who live and study at Catholic University. Dominicans still ware habits Link

Meet the nun who found the house where Our Lady lived with John She is connected t Kansas City

Members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet are gathering for prayer weekly. Vice President Mike Pence and eight cabinet secretaries sponsor the sessions, which occur weekly

Democratic Party Leaders: “Every Candidate Who Runs as a Democrat” Must Support Abortion

Saint Mark, Evangelist and Eye Witness at Gethsemane

Saint George, Martyr

Pope opts for golf cart over armored car during Egypt visit  Egypt  should not allow him to make this choice which appears to a publicity stunt if he is not persuaded otherwise..

Powerful Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Strikes Chile  It was a mega thrust ...  but no tsunami.  Yesterday's link probably described strong foreshocks. Is this 6.9 another foreshock?

Is this the world's best conman? Smooth-talking fraudster claimed to be a priest, a doctor and a charity worker and even fooled his WIFE in four-decade campaign of deception

Defrocked fugitive priest charged with sex abuse of minor

“The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst”: A Record 8,640 Stores Are Closing In 2017

Mixed up. Harvard: Students can change gender daily, saying otherwise is ‘violence’

A group, claiming to be the largest association of Catholic priests in the United States, is chastising the Vatican for its refusal to ordain gay men