The Incredible Story of Our Lady of Genazzano

A major sandstorm and earthquake recently hit Iran as it allegedly was preparing to launch an attack on Israel in retaliation for Israel's recent pre-emptive strike on an Iranian base in Syria

Prophecy of a tsunami for Gaza and its inhabitants  Watching for May around the time of National statehood (May 14-15)

Netanyahu thanks Trump- We have no better friend than America

7 of the Most “Catholic” Bible Verses that Prove Catholicism

Maryland Lottery winner's dream foretold big win

Life without parole for trucker in overheating deaths of 10 illegals

Residents Open Fire with AR-15, 9mm Handgun and Turn the Tide on 7 Home Invasion Suspects

Judge calls ICE on 2 couples getting married in her courthouse

Alabama executes inmate, 83, oldest in modern U.S. history for killing with bombs, including a federal judge

Venezuela is starting to take American hostages for "corrumption

This shrine and monastery were built around an image of Our Lady that didn’t want to move

Disproving Jesus had brothers and sisters proves the perpetual virginity of Mary

Nearly One-Third Of U.S. Lottery Winners Declare Bankruptcy

Afghani girl brought up by Taliban saved by the name of Jesus

Imam found Jesus by studying the Koran,. Then paid a price for rejecting Islam

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Vatican Rejects German Bishops’ Intercommunion Proposal
(Communion for non-Catholic Spouses)

German bishops say the above is false; pope to hold a meeting with Cardinal Marx

Author documents the bitter fruit of atheism

What was the sin when Ham “saw the nakedness of his father”
that caused Ham's son, Cannan, to be cursed by Noah

The Signature of God

'He Was Steps From Death's Door' but  Prayer Saved Him

Did the commandant of Auschwitz undergo a miraculous conversion before he died?

Not even an “animal” like Rudolf Hoss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun says

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Kim Jong-un says North Korea will suspend ALL missile tests and shut down its nuclear test site ahead of landmark talks with Trump as President hails move as 'big progress'  The Trump Effect?

Chilean cardinal calls for Bishop Barros to resign over sex abuse crisis

Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?

Distinguishing between mental illness and a diabolical attack – two realities with similar manifestations

How exorcists discern possession from mental illness

Famous exorcist describes death and judgment  Thx JS

Volcano in southern Japan erupts for 1st time in 250 years

Man Linked to 9/11 Attacks on US Captured in Syria

Homeopath Uses Rabid Dog Saliva to ‘Treat’ 4-Year-Old Boy’s Temper

Thank you, Mrs. Bush

7 reasons to be unhappy with pope's leadership on abortion

95% of plastic polluting world's oceans comes from just 10 rivers 8 in Asia, 2 in Africa

Experts Say We're All Showering Too Much

Chinese Catholics warned by provincial officials not to take children to Mass

Pets ("emotional support  animals") getting out of control on airplane flights

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus,  For the Purification of the Church