Finding Peace In The Storm And Receiving A Miraculous Healing  

Chinese air force land-attack, cruise-missile-capable bombers were put "on high alert" on Wednesday

The 6 times the world was on the edge of nuclear war

The Green Party’s burgeoning alliance with Islam

Man who tipped off authorities about missing student describes 'clues'

Why do priests wear white albs?

Most habitable planets will be dominated by WATER that spans over 90% of their surface

Number of asylum seekers fleeing to Canada from the US in the wake of Trump's immigration crackdown has tripled as the weather warms up (No link)

Flying car with foldable wings set to go on sale this year but it will cost you over a million. You also need a pilot's license

Measles outbreak in Minnesota Somali community; Muslim parents refuse to vaccinate children

In Mali . . . Four Arrested In Kidnapping Of Nun

Australia: “Allah akbar” Muslim who drove into crowds killing 6, faces court smiling, “Muslim faith is the correct faith…I’m not guilty

Catholic Hospital Sued Over Refusal Of Gender Reassignment Surgery

With enemies on every border and incessant vows to her destruction Israeli Economy Ranked Third Most Stable in the World for 2016

Praying to Saint Jude can have unexpected results

What would happen if that massive asteroid zipping by yesterday actually hit us? Study reveals exactly how millions would die

Strange Trumpet Sounds Heard In Skies Of Roswell, New Mexico

Abortion Ship Heads to Pro-Life Mexico to Illegally Give Women Free Abortions

Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Suspension of Chief Justice Over Defiance of Same-Sex Marriage

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The Hidden Connection Between Mary and Divine Mercy

Stoned by terrorists, Christians saved by a lions

Incredible story NDE: Hostile tribe’s chief died, was then raised long enough to testify about Jesus

Ancient experts on evidence of 'Son of God'

A hero who stopped an out-of-control bus experiences a miracle of God's love on the holiest of holidays.

Did God give a 9-year-old boy a vision of the future of America?

The Heroism of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane

Satan’s Great Evangelizer: Judas

“Blood Moons” discoverer suggests the coming eclipse is a direct warning to the United States. There was an total eclipse in Nineveh to get their attention right before Jonah arrived  

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10 Tips for Working with a Narcissist

Top Papal Adviser Blasts the Four Dubia Cardinals

How the Catholic Priesthood Became an Unlikely Haven for Many Gay Men

"If you are wrong, you will be taken out to the wall and shot for wasting our precious time with mystical nonsense during wartime"

Confirmed: John Brennan colluded with foreign spies to defeat Trump

Lois Lerner: Public Can Never Know What I Did--My life would be in danger

Fresno killer joined gang at age 9

Americans are more distressed than ever

3 Ways to Do Your Best Despite Stress

As first 100 days in office approaches, media coverage of Trump is 89% negative: Study

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano, Virgin

Aaron Hernandez had been planning his suicide for WEEKS, gave away his belongings and soaped his cell floor before he left three notes and hanged himself

Fatima is the solution to the mayhem in the Vatican today

Family LOSES lawsuit against Petco after their ten-year-old son died when he was bitten by a rat bought from the store

Pro-gay Vatican consultant, (Fr. James Martin), radically reinterprets Christ’s last words

Peter Singer- Sexually Assaulting Mentally Disabled People Isn’t That Bad Because They Can’t Comprehend It This son of a dog cannot comprehend evil and therefore is at great risk to himself and others

Chinese police seize another ‘underground’ bishop

Authorities Seize General Motors Plant in Venezuela.

How does the Church determine a true Marian apparition?

Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam No other Christian holiday defies Islam as Resurrection Sunday