Author documents the bitter fruit of atheism

'Hero' Southwest Airlines Pilot Tammie Jo Shults a 'Strong Christian' Whose Faith Guided Safe Landing

Southwest Airlines pilot: She Has 2 Kids With Her Fellow Pilot Husband, Graduated From MidAmerica Nazarene University (Kansas), Majored in Agribusiness, and Biology,  & Once Said Being a Pilot Is an “Opportunity to Witness for Christ on Almost Every Flight”

Raul Castro replaced as Cuba's president

After Vicksburg priest paid for homeless man's hotel room, man went back to rectory and robbed him

$10,000 Reward Offered After Shelter Island Priest Dies Following Home Invasion Robbery

Priest stabbed to death in his church on the outskirts of Mexico City

Compound treats psoriasis, may curb autoimmune diseases, researchers say

Afghani girl brought up by Taliban saved by the name of Jesus

'Allahu akbar!': 'ISIS-inspired' exchange student attacks  host 

ISIS threatens to bomb New York subway in new propaganda poster

Israel Issues Stern Warning To Iran Fearing Independence Day Attack

Facebook Could Face Billions in Fines over Storing Facial Recognition Features Without Permission

9th Federal Appeals Court appoints lawyer  to argue that former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s contempt of court conviction should remain on his record despite Trump pardon  As usual this court  remains grandiose in their thinking but they cannot nullify a presidential power granted by the Constitution.

The Devil in the clergy

Famous exorcist describes death and judgment  Thx JS

Demands for exorcisms on the rise, conference hears

Is Satan making people watch porn? Priests study the issue in exorcism class

Australian Muslim man wanted to explore the occult and spirituality. Was tormented by the demonic until he put his faith in Jesus

Padre Pio on Modesty, the Forgotten Virtue thx FR

City pleads for help after tumbleweeds take over

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What was the sin when Ham “saw the nakedness of his father”
that caused Ham's son, Cannan, to be cursed by Noah

The Signature of God

'He Was Steps From Death's Door' but  Prayer Saved Him

Did the commandant of Auschwitz undergo a miraculous conversion before he died?

Not even an “animal” like Rudolf Hoss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun say

Forgiveness- The Condition of All Relationship

No, Holy Father, abortion and immigration are not on the same level

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Paradox: Belief in God is declining, but belief in the devil remains strong

Demands for exorcisms on the rise, conference hears

Muslims queuing up to have demons EXORCISED by Catholic priests

Despite 5 years of exorcisms unexplained blisters, migraines won't leave victim

Suspected Killer Priest's Arrest Shock Citizens

Researchers accidentally engineer plastic-eating enzyme

Togo- bishop suspends priests who refused to renew vows of obedience

Stormy Daniels pledges $130K to Planned Parenthood if she beats Trump in court

Taxes must rise in Sweden as half of all “new Swedes” remain unemployed after eight years

Outrage: Professor Celebrates Barbara Bush’s Death: “She Was a Racist. I’m Happy The Witch is Dead”

George W. Bush convinced his mom is in heaven

7 elementary students slit wrists at Prince George's Co. school

Pakistan- Muslim rapes teenage Christian girl, rapist’s family threatens to kill victim’s family

Updated: Flesh-easting ulcer caused by Mycobactium epidemic in Australia. It is a disfiguring disease of the skin caused by a relative of the bacillus that causes leprosy. This is a more informative link than the one used 4/17

70 inventions appear in“Israeli Innovation – Breakthrough Products That Changed the World.. Read to see the greatest Israeli invention

The life of a hermit- A glimpse inside the little-known state of life

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus,  For the Purification of the Church