Stoned by terrorists, Christians saved by a lions

He's hired: Belgian lands 'dream job' as hermit for Austrian cliffside retreat

Aaron Hernandez kills himself in prison

Prison that housed Hernandez has had its share of troubles

SURVIVING a life-and-death experience inspired young scientist to become a Catholic.

Push to rebuild Jerusalem Temple has earth-shaking implications

Pope forbids former grand master of K of M to set foot in Rome until his successor is elected Is that legal? Seems contrary to civil rights. This guy is not a cleric.

The most intelligent of the invertebrates because of  RNA flexibility, not DNA which is too complex and takes too long

NASA astronauts's treasure map constructed while he was in orbit spark hunts for Caribbean wrecks

John Glenn honored with launch of space station supply ship

Man turns in $14,000 found on side of road

Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth today

United FINALLY changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers

How big do tornadoes get- Big enough to cover Central Park, with ludicrous strength

Woman Told She Would Never Conceive Because She Has Two Wombs Conceives Miracle Baby

New book for Children, "Jacinta's Miracle Veil" Celebrates the Story of Fatima

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Incredible story NDE: Hostile tribe’s chief died, was then raised long enough to testify about Jesus

Ancient experts on evidence of 'Son of God'

A hero who stopped an out-of-control bus experiences a miracle of God's love on the holiest of holidays.

Did God give a 9-year-old boy a vision of the future of America?

The Heroism of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane

Satan’s Great Evangelizer: Judas

“Blood Moons” discoverer suggests the coming eclipse is a direct warning to the United States. There was an total eclipse in Nineveh to get their attention right before Jonah arrived  

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North Korea Is Refusing Communications With China.  NOT good, folks

North Korea unveils elite troops trained to defend him if Trump attempts to ‘remove’ him from power

US Marines Deployed to Australia amid North Korean ‘Nuclear Threat’ ??

How does the Church determine a true Marian apparition?

USA Today Caught Lying About “First Protected Dreamer Deported”  Left U.S. for Mexico, has criminal record, caught illegally re- entering

Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam No other Christian holiday defies Islam as Resurrection Sunday  IMO, Muslims do not realize or recognize the supernatural Satan inspired hatred behind it.

Eliminating DC’s Handgun Ban Had No Effect On Homicides

Chief: Fresno Killings 'Solely Based on Race'

Muslim driver mows down five pedestrians in Spain

Cursing Muslim immigrant crashes a private Christian conference in South Dakota and then shows off his cache of weapons  Muslims are being resettled here.  How did he get the weapons as an immigrant?  (

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, evil and harmful

180 Cuban slave doctors flee Venezuela

What's with head archbishop, Diarmuid Martin? Last week he called Catholicism a "religion of fear" and a "faith of prohibitions," denouncing the Church for its historic "harshness" towards the LGBT.  Link

Eighty percent of suicide bombers used by Boko Haram are girls

Catholic priest resigns after stealing  50,000 from the church to buy housekeeper 'lover' four properties

Guam clergy sex abuse lawsuits top 50; 10 priests accused

Sexual Predators Employed at Summer Camps in Florida

Consecrated Host turns blood-red during adoration