What was the sin when Ham “saw the nakedness of his father”
that caused Ham's son, Cannan, to be cursed by Noah

The Devil in the clergy

Famous exorcist describes death and judgment  Thx JS

Demands for exorcisms on the rise, conference hears

Is Satan making people watch porn? Priests study the issue in exorcism class

Australian Muslim man wanted to explore the occult and spirituality. Was tormented by the demonic until he put his faith in Jesus

US promises $16 million to aid Venezuelan refugees

Benedict XVI Celebrates 91st Birthday With His Brother

Padre Pio on Modesty, the Forgotten Virtue thx FR

Nationwide hunt for grandmother accused of two murders

How To Cook Eggs To Reduce Your Risk Of Salmonella

Alleged Canadian landscaper serial killer facing 8th murder charge

Researchers accidentally engineer plastic-eating enzyme

Canada sends home families of diplomats posted in Cuba

Son's Miraculous Survival Proves the Power of Prayer

Priest Paralyzed in Hockey Game, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Moral teachings of JPII and Francis I collide  Important short and an easy read  

Albania Cardinal drew strong interest in the first session, (at the Vatican's exorcism conference), by citing his use of cellphones in exorcisms.  Women also in attendance will receive "certificates" letting them assist the exorcist.

How the Diocese of Saginaw sex abuse investigation unfolded

Man sentenced to 105 years for child porn. In fact, he actually raped babies and filmed it.  Even demons fear God. Not this fool. Someone needs to explain the deep blue sea and a millstone.nd

'A Quiet Place' rare horror movie to shun sex and gore, embrace family99-year-old Indiana monk says, 'First, love God'

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus,  For the Purification of the Church

Past Headlines

The Signature of God

'He Was Steps From Death's Door' but  Prayer Saved Him

Did the commandant of Auschwitz undergo a miraculous conversion before he died?

Not even an “animal” like Rudolf Hoss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun say

Forgiveness- The Condition of All Relationship

No, Holy Father, abortion and immigration are not on the same level

Scientists Report Two Stars Colliding in 2022…
Is This The Garabandal Prophecy About The Warning?

New Star Will Appear in 2022, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah

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7 elementary students slit wrists at Prince George's Co. school

Billionaire  dies in luxury drug rehab

1 dead after flight makes Southwest emergency landing in Philly Sucked half-way out the window..

New Mexico mourns bank executive killed on Southwest plane

Female ex-Navy pilot in command, mother of two, made expert landing of disabled jet

Alfie Evans’ Father Flies to Rome, Pleads With Pope Francis to Help Save His Son

Malawi: Catholic Priest Arrested Over Murder Of Man With Albinism

Pakistan- Muslim rapes teenage Christian girl, rapist’s family threatens to kill victim’s family

Former Catholic Charities employee sentenced for embezzlement

The Two Koreas Are Technically Still at War With Each Other. That Could End Soon

Supreme Court restricts deportations of immigrant felons

Hundreds evacuated in Hawaii after historic rainfall

Earth Has Near Miss With Asteroid Spotted Just Hours Earlier

Dozens of earthquakes strike village in New Brunswick, Canada leaving residents baffled

10 Obscure (Yet Interesting!) Bible Characters and Their Stories

Updated: Flesh-easting ulcer caused by Mycobactium epidemic in Australia. It is a disfiguring disease of the skin caused by a relative of the bacillus that causes leprosy. This is a more informative link than the one used 4/17

Why it's almost impossible for fastballs to get any faster

70 inventions appear in“Israeli Innovation – Breakthrough Products That Changed the World.. Read to see the greatest Israeli invention

The life of a hermit- A glimpse inside the little-known state of life