Incredible story NDE: Hostile tribe’s chief died, was then raised long enough to testify about Jesus

Cleveland Facebook murder suspect shot, killed himself after pursuit in Pennsylvannia

CVN-76 Ronald Reagan - currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan - and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group - currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment off Oregon - will enter the Sea of Japan next week.  (No link)

If you want to survive, stay home': Chilling message on Idaho high school bathroom wall threatens a mass shooting this morning

NASA astronauts's treasure map constructed while he was in orbit spark hunts for Caribbean wrecks

John Glenn honored with launch of space station supply ship

SORRY, MR. PRESIDENT Book details Hillary's election night mea culpa

Man turns in $14,000 found on side of road

North Korea Conflict Compared To “Cuban Missile Crisis”

North Korea unveils elite troops trained to defend him if Trump attempts to ‘remove’ him from power

Mysterious boom and shaking as bright fireball explodes over Australia

Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth on April 19

Migrant boats: Thousands saved off Libyan coast over Easter

British PM Defends Right to Speak About ‘Faith in Christ’ in midst of Persecution

Suspect in Washington state mall shootings found dead in cell

How big do tornadoes get- Big enough to cover Central Park, with ludicrous strength

Woman Told She Would Never Conceive Because She Has Two Wombs Conceives Miracle Baby

That parking ticket could be a scam

Trump to seek changes in visa program to encourage hiring Americans

Priest calls church robbery in Ireland 'devastating' as consecrated communion stolen and altar damaged

New book for Children, "Jacinta's Miracle Veil" Celebrates the Story of Fatima

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“Blood Moons” discoverer suggests the coming eclipse is a direct warning to the United States. There was an total eclipse in Nineveh to get their attention right before Jonah arrived  

Filipino forensic expert proves Christ suffered with ‘superhuman’ endurance and will to have survived the scourging and way of the cross, much the less the crucifixion

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Fresno, California: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” murders three people, cops unsure if this was terrorism

Erdogan’s Referendum Victory Calls On All Turks To Worship Him As “God”  (Long)

Erdogan’s victory is bad news for Turkey’s Christian minority

US Supreme Court stops execution of Arkansas death row inmate

Arkansas' high court removes judge from capital-punishment cases after he joined anti-death penalty protest

Image’s shedding tears of blood in  the Philippines is ‘fake’

Catholic priest resigns after stealing  50,000 from the church to buy housekeeper 'lover' four properties

Guam clergy sex abuse lawsuits top 50; 10 priests accused

Sexual Predators Employed at Summer Camps in Florida

Bathed in blood: Possessed Haitian voodoo worshippers sacrifice goats and dance in sacred water over Easter weekend

Accused Washington mall shooter hangs himself in jail

University of Wisconsin-Madison offers free tampons in men’s bathrooms

The U.S.  rejects pleas for  hearings from Central American women and children who are facing immediate deportation -- handing a legal victory to  enforce federal immigration laws

Consecrated Host turns blood-red during adoration

Trump to seek changes in visa program to encourage hiring Americans

Hunt expands for Cleveland gunman: Five states are put on alert as search continues for shooter who filmed himself randomly killing an elderly man then posted the video on Facebook

Hilarious notes parents leave for children to get obedience

Iraq's Catholic church celebrates first Easter mass since 2014

Doomsday Bunker Sales Soar After Trump’s Military Strikes

My brother was born a chef. I was born to take out. Could I make our family feast without him?

I was certain we delivered all 100 Easter baskets. So, where did these three come from?

The Miraculous Easter Dinner