The Signature of God

Son's Miraculous Survival Proves the Power of Prayer

Priest Paralyzed in Hockey Game, Makes Miraculous Recovery

The budget airline (Allegiant) flying under the radar

Patrick Duffy preaches the gospel of culture in Las Vegas

Albania Cardinal drew strong interest in the first session, (at the Vatican's exorcism conference), by citing his use of cellphones in exorcisms.  Women also in attendance will receive "certificates" letting them assist the exorcist.

How the Diocese of Saginaw sex abuse investigation unfolded

'Wrath of God' promised if 4-H adopts transgender policies

Man sentenced to 105 years for child porn. In fact, he actually raped babies and filmed it.  Even demons fear God. Not this fool. Someone needs to explain the deep blue sea and a millstone.

Immune therapy scores big win against lung cancer in study

Viking treasure found on Baltic island

Surfer makes it back to beach with both legs mauled by shark

Airline suspends daughter of  CEO over ad meeting tantrum

South Carolina prison riot results in seven inmates killed

'A Quiet Place' rare horror movie to shun sex and gore, embrace family

Christian persecution lifts to new territory : New Yorker Mag Decries Chick-il-A's 'Creepy Pervasive Christian Traditionalism'

Chinese family reunited with daughter after 24 years

Barbara Bush, 92, in failing health, won't seek treatment

Life 911 Dispatcher in Tragic Teen Van Death ‘Hated’ Her Job

Rare birth for woman whose baby grew outside womb

‘Ready for use’ Hamas tunnel, 4 years in the making, destroyed by Israel

99-year-old Indiana monk says, 'First, love God'

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus,  For the Purification of the Church

St Bernadette

Past Headlines

'He Was Steps From Death's Door' but  Prayer Saved Him

Did the commandant of Auschwitz undergo a miraculous conversion before he died?

Not even an “animal” like Rudolf Hoss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun say

Forgiveness- The Condition of All Relationship

No, Holy Father, abortion and immigration are not on the same level

Visions at the hour of death

Deathbed visions 2016

Scientists Report Two Stars Colliding in 2022…
Is This The Garabandal Prophecy About The Warning?

New Star Will Appear in 2022, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah

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10 Obscure (Yet Interesting!) Bible Characters and Their Stories

Flesh-easting ulcer caused by Mycobactium epidemic in Australia. It is a disfiguring disease of the skin caused by a relative of the bacillus that causes leprosy.

Several end-of-days experts weigh in on the situation and congregation of powerful nations in Syria

“The United States and Russia both love Israel very much,” Neither Russia nor the US want a third world war or an atomic war, nor do they want to destroy the world. Neither government is in a hurry to start a war. The Creator of the World sends an angel to speak through Trump. ”

Syria attack triggered Western action, but on the ground Assad gained

Hospitals are targeted in the Syrian civil war

Why it's almost impossible for fastballs to get any faster

8-year-old boy at school slashes other students with knife

Don't be surprised if your doctor asks you about guns  Reply,  "the question is an invasion of privacy".  What you say can, will, and must be recorded in you medical record.

70 inventions appear in“Israeli Innovation – Breakthrough Products That Changed the World.. Read to see the greatest Israeli invention

Australian Muslim man wanted to explore the occult and spirituality. Was tormented by the demonic until he put his faith in Jesus

'I wouldn't be the man I am today without her': Trump sends  email ahead of her birthday saying Melania is his 'rock and foundation'

Moral teachings of JPII and Francis I collide  Important short and an easy read

As diocese prepares to pay victims, its primary source of money: parishioners

Catholic priest under investigation left suicide note

Man Born Without Arms Uses His Story to Glorify God, Declares He's Now Having the 'Last Laugh'

The life of a hermit- A glimpse inside the little-known state of life

Pope Francis- Every violation of the body is an 'outrage' to God

A suicide pod that enables its occupant to kill themselves at a press of a button draws crowds, went on display at Amsterdam funeral show

15 Christian Life Hacks Every Christian Should Know

Third Priest Shot Dead in DR Congo; Bishop Cries Out 'We Are in Total Chaos, Abandoned by All'

Doctors told him to put his wife in a nursing home. Instead, they traveled the world