Forgiveness- The Condition of All Relationship

  The strikes appear to be over

Franklin Graham slams university (University of Tennessee) for ‘promoting sin’

Kidnapped girl, 8, uses smarts to thwart abduction. Called 911 before stolen car she was in reached Mexican border

Iranian drone that infiltrated Israel carried explosives, tasked to carry out attack, but intercepted safely Don't complain about the recent air strike on Iranian base in Syria

Here's How Facebook Tracks You When You're Not On Facebook and how to limit the data you give it.

Dramatic papal letter on Chilean crisis leaves next steps uncertain (Analysis]) A very proud man, Pope Francis seldom admits to error. Having to apologize in writing to bishops is another aspect of refusing to listen to advisors/ refusing to consult.  In other words, replacing consultation and collegiality with dictatorship. Remember, Holy Father, God detests pride and pride goeth before a huge fall.

Theologian: Here’s how Pope’s teaching is being used to reject Humanae Vitae

Does the Fatima prophecy suggest that Pope Francis will be deposed?

Exorcist: Once You Have Heard the Devil’s Voice ‘You Recognize It’

Why St. Gemma Galgani laughed in the face of the devil

Hurricane names Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate retired

Magical rainbows more marvelous when you understand the science behind them

10 bishops now withholding funds from Catholic charity over pro-abortion partners

Putin's Russia paying families $8,000 for each new baby they have

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus,  For the Purification of the Church

    Japan to Dump Deadly Fukushima Waste into Pacific Ocean?   

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No, Holy Father, abortion and immigration are not on the same level

Visions at the hour of death

Deathbed visions 2016

Scientists Report Two Stars Colliding in 2022…
Is This The Garabandal Prophecy About The Warning?

New Star Will Appear in 2022, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah (Link fixed)

Unbelievable pagan ritual OKed at LA Archdioceses

“I had been praying for years for them”: two miracles

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Bloody Cancun; travel advisory issued; 14 killed in 36 hours

Footage Surfaces of Jesus’ Tomb Leaking Blood? The incident happened inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher one of the holiest sites in Christianity, which is believed to contain the site where Jesus was crucified and His tomb.   Christ's Blood has documented markers. Namely, it must AB+.  A simple test can definitely prove a hoax but does not completely rule it out.

Kim's airplane is incapable (without stops for refueling) of delivering its oversized dictator to an international summit meeting.

Devout Muslim who stabbed ten people in killing frenzy in Finland smiles widely at his trial

First Time in 50 Years: Israeli Flag Flies on Temple Mount Thanks to Chinese Non-Jews

Amazing technology: China man caught by facial recognition at pop concert of 60,000 in Nanking for "economic crimes"

'Tough s**t, join the club’' - inspirational mother-of-three on living with 'pain in the ass' illness

Walmart just filed six patents for robot bees

Self-anointed prophet claims the zodiac proclaims the Protestant rapture on April 23

Cape Cod police officer, 32, is shot in the head and killed by a career criminal who had 111 prior offenses while serving arrest warrant 

A 27-year-old church youth leader is left permanently blind and seriously burned after an attacker burst into his Tennessee home and doused with him a liquid chemical

Teen found dead in car had called 911 for help  but he was under the seat and died after police left

They were going to get married. Now he's a priest and she's a nun

Christian missionary waterboarded by ISIS in prison, led 40 to Christ

The life and monumental discoveries of astronomer and devout Christian single woman, Henrietta Swan Leavitt