Knights of Columbus Council (in Vancouver, BC) Slams Vatican Sex-Ed Program
“We reject this collection of documents in toto and vociferously condemn the material it contains ”

Did you know the state of Florida was named for Palm Sunday?

What should I do with my blessed palms?

6 Things Every Catholic Should Know About “Just War” Doctrine

Claims of “Eye” Miracle at Church of the Holy Sepulchre casting doubts

Wars are very possible in the midst of and economic collapse

Major Catholic Leaders Declare: ‘Trump’s Bombing Of Syria Only Shows That The USA Wants The Violence And Slaughtering To Continue In Syria’

From human flesh appearing in communion to a statue of Jesus that wept blood: Former atheist investigates

20,000 Lesbians meet in Palm Springs to Party

Meet Mother Maria: She came to the US as a housekeeper, but God had a different plan

Catholic Church inching its way toward approval of sexual deviance in new book?  Highly touted by San Diego Bishop

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Rachel knew all along that she was never alone as she is greeted by more and more guardian angels

Icon of Christ at Golgotha Opens Eyes for First Time.
Miracle Witnessed by Many at Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a Week After Tomb Repaired

Scientists Discover How Joshua ‘Stopped the Sun’  

Lost Family Bibles Which Miraculously Find Their Way Home

14 facts that the world, starting with the Vatican, should know about Israel


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The moment man jumps to his death from courthouse balcony before his trial for repeatedly raping ten-year-old girl and then killing her and her grandparents by torching their home

 3 dead in apparent murder-suicide at San Bernardino elementary school, police say

Church bombings kill dozens in Egypt on Palm Sunday

Egypt, Al-Sisi declares state of emergency

ISIS Slaughters 33 Young Syrian Men And Women With “Sharp Tools” And Fills A Hole In The Desert With Their Blood

Seek to escape the dictatorship of relativism

Pope Francis refers to the end of his pontificate

New Hampshire bishop: parish churches cannot offer sanctuary for immigrants

Girl, 14, crushed by tree is released from hospital

Prayers prevailed. “You stared death in her face and gave it a raspberry.”

Knowing God's will doesn't have to be a mystery — He's with us every day in multiple ways

Sidney Police Do Nothing as Muslim Gang Attacks Australian Couple, Stomps Crucifix, Yells ‘F*** Jesus

New York poised to pass free public college tuition statewide

Christian parents, your kids aren’t equipped to be public school missionaries

A massive asteroid is going to zip past Earth later this month