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The image (in Columbia) is not painted but extends several feet into the rocks. The Lady is giving the rosary to St. Dominic. Assisi is also depicted

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Children's Prayers are always heard by God
As in this example

Suddenly a bright idea struck the pastor! By tying the wispy branches of the tree to the bumper of his car and slowly driving forward, he could bend the top branches enough to reach his terrified, precious kitten. Carefully, the man of God executed the brilliant plan.

However, just as the pastor reached for adorable kitten, the rope snapped and the wide-eyed, frozen kitty flew through the air as though catapulted into space.

What to do? After a fruitless search the dejected pastor gave the care of his former companion into the hands of his Creator.

While shopping two week later, the pastor bumped into the grocery cart of a woman from his church known to dislike felines. Knowing this  he commented on the fact that she had cat food and cat sand in her basket.

“You’ll never believe what happened!” replied the woman. “My little girl has been begging me for a kitten for months and I have refused offering a puppy or a goldfish instead. One day when she again asked for her very own cat, I told her that I would not get a cat for her, but if God gave her one, she could keep it.”

Satisfied with the answer, my daughter ran into the backyard, got down on her knees, closed her eyes tightly and prayed, “Dear God, please send me a kitty of my very own to love and care for. Amen.”

“She opened her eyes and what do you think she saw? A little kitten with paws outstretched flying through the air. It landed right in front of my daughter and has been part of our family ever since!”