Helena Kowalska (1905-1938)

French Cardinal to Stand Trial in Sex Abuse Cover-Up

What's causing the Earth to split open in Kenya?

Pictured- Lesbian mom caught on camera buying groceries just hours before driving her car off a cliff killing herself, her wife and their six adopted children

Bullied boy bonds with rescue cat who shares his differences

Financial loss may lead to an early death, study suggests

The 9 states where teachers have it worst

Doctor Slams Trans Study That Claims Using Preferred Names Reduces Depression, Suicide

Megachurch Pastor Says Jesus Came to Him Sporting Brown Hair, White Robe On Good Friday

More on apparition from WND

Boy Prayed to God While Trapped in Los Angeles Sewer for 12 Hours Before 'Miracle' Rescue

Air Force reverses decision to punish colonel for his religious beliefs

Shocking science conclusion: The Universe should not exist

Take heart! Even though Planned Parenthood is still funded, pro-life victories are everywhere else

Illegal immigrant ‘caravan’ makes camp in Oaxaca, Mexico

Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March

PA slams Nikki Haley as ‘ambassador of hatred’ after she blocks anti-Israel move

Israel’s Netanyahu scraps African migrant relocation deal with U.N

Indonesia declares state of emergency as oil spill spreads

Miss. Methodist Church Votes to Leave UMC Over ‘Failure to Uphold Scripture,’ Abortion, Homosexuality, Resurrection, Christ’s Divinity

Update on teen who swallowed a slug on a dare and got "rat lung disease", a worm that prefers the brain...

Faith ‘God is Good Even Through Hard Times’- Family Keeps the Faith After Father and Son Killed in Tragic Farm Accident

Why kids become mass murderers

Reverence for the Eucharist

Past Headlines

Jesus Miraculously Appears, Tells Man to Convert from Islam to Catholicism

Besides the suffering there is a lot going on during the Crucifixion including
 "Golgotha": Whose Skull Was It?

The Convincing Evidence that Met a Cold-Case Investigator When He Turned to Science to Try to Disprove Christ's Resurrection

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The migrant influx is comparable to the barbarian invasions of Europe – Czech ex-president

Iranian YouTube shooter complained free speech is more restricted in the US than Iran and said site 'ruined her life' by censoring. Then drove 500 miles for shooting

Priest removed as pastor in Chicago gets massive support and legal funding by lay organization

Severe hurricane season predicted for U.S.

Condom snorting? 

ISIS Killer Slaughters Christian Family Family on Easter Monday – Praise Allah

Four Catholics killed by Islamic State in Pakistan

Facebook now bans image of Jesus on cross

New synthetic marijuana make people bleed from eyes and ears

Melania Trump has become a powerful first lady

Can one be both a good president and an adulterer?

Reporter at newspaper which printed that pope denied Hell in interview with another of its reporters is fired for calling the matter 'fake news'

Riddle me this:  If the Pope is continually misquoted by the same journalist why does he keep coming back for additional interviews?  This entire Pontificate has been five years of Lent for faithful Catholics.  -American Catholic

The growing acceptance of autism in the workplace

“Fashions will arise which will greatly offend God.”—Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta Marto

How to stop Google from collecting your info

How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you

Can Cellphones Cause Cancer? Experts Surprised By Latest Tests

Diocese of tiny Guam liquidated to 'compensate the abused'

A radical solution for saving America's hospitals

The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation... for purification of the Church  Focusing on the Catholic understanding of charity also seen in the mission of John the Baptist.