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Although he did not die on Friday, he did rise on our Easter Sunday!

Article on NCRegister claims to pinpoint the exact date and day of Christ's crucifixion.

The problem here is the insistence  that the date must be a Friday because a Sabbath (Saturday) followed.  Christ was in the tomb 3 days and 3 night. A Friday crucifixion does not permit a resurrection a full 3 days  later.

High holy feasts of the Lord were also called "Sabbaths", a generic term. In fact,  the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Nisan 15, not the actual Passover, was observed as the main feast for the exit from Egypt. But the same Sabbath  restrictions applied for these feasts, (avoiding work, no contact with death, or the dead, Torah readings, no work, etc.).

The day prior, Nisan 14, the day Christ died, was the anniversary day that blood of lamb was applied to the door posts and lintel in Egypt and the day that Isaac was offered.

The Jews changed the commemoration of the Passover to the day after Nisan 14,  and called Nisan 14 a "day of preparation" for the big feast, the next day, Nisan 15 which which started Sundown or 6 PM on WednesdayThis made it possible for Jesus to create the Eucharist and die the same day.  If the Jews had not changed the commemoration of the feast to Nisan 15, and the "Sabbath" was Nisan 14, Jewish laws would have prevented the crucifixion on that prophetic day.

Now, remember, Christ is both s priest and a  victim offering himself. But he is also a Lamb being offered by a real high priest of God. More than any other factor the priesthood of Israel was responsible in their jealously in seizing Christ and killing him all the while not "defiling themselves". This could not have been done on a "Sabbath" day.

Lamb's blood was used in Egypt on the door only once. For millennia after the first Passover,  God, Himself, required that male goat's blood be used on Yom Kippur to atone for sins .  

God changed all that with the New  Covenant which was instituted with Lamb's blood. As on that first Passover, God was saving the lamb for something VERY special. Lamb's blood is a Christian construct  as  instituted by God, Himself. So when the Third Temple is built what do you think they will use? This act of worship with goat's blood as required in the Old Testament may be an abomination.

After His death, the Lord barely made it into the tomb, on Wednesday, Nisan 14, before the Jewish day changed to Thursday, Nisan 15. You can picture His loved ones rushing around to  pay final respects while not violating laws about contact with the dead.  Lengthy anointing the body with burial spices was not possible because of the time. The holy women had to come back several days later because the regular weekly Sabbath fell right after the feast day Sabbath.  

So Christ is in the tomb Wed to Thurs., Thurs. to Fri., Friday to Sat.  He rises from the dead on Saturday right after 6 PM. Since this is after 6 PM it is after the Jewish weekly Sabbath has ended and our Sunday. He is seen 12 hours after  at 6AM  by Magdalene which is the first day of the Jewish week and turned out to be the Feast of First Fruits, Nisan 17, 3 complete days after Nisan 14th. A prophecy given and fulfilled.

Although he did not die on Friday, he did rise on our Easter Sunday!

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